Saturday, November 25, 2006

Second Life/Sexy Lexi

There is a fascinating world out there called Second Life, which only exists on the Web. And I have been playing it (or wandering on it) since earlier this week.

Yesterday I ended up getting kicked out (and banned) from an '80s dance club by a girl named Lexi. (Lexi, by the way, is the perfect name for a proprietor of an '80s dance club.) Lexi was about 25 and built--or built as much as pixels can be--and she stood on a table, dancing away...topless. She became my first topless table dancer! I gave her 50 (Linden) dollars. (Linden dollars is the official currency in Second Life.)
Maybe my gums flapped too much, because Lexi soon grew tired of my act and bounced me from the club. Banned. [She need not hire bouncers, by the way, because she's more than capable of bouncing people herself.] I found myself outside the club, literally looking in. Emotionally, I was roughed up but otherwise I was okay enough to start wandering the grounds--looking for a way back in.
Sexy Lexi.
I must have "wandered" for over five minutes, peering in windows, checking doors: Everything was locked. Yes, I know it all sounds desperate, but as far as I was concerned, me and Lexi still had unfinished business to tend to. (I *needed* back in.)

I even tried IMing her a half-dozen times. No response. Apparently when you are "banned" on SL your messages disappear into the void of cyber space--especially when you are trying to reach a proprietor. Lexi, as owner of the club, could not hear my cries for re-admittance, nor see me pounding on the door.

Then something stopped me: What if it really wasn't an '80s dance club? What if it really was a front for prostitution? Hadn't Sexy Lexi been a pixelated call girl? A phore?
Hadn't the whole '80s dance club thing been a masquerade; a front? Come to think of it, even the music made no sense: over-the-top arrangements by Motley Crüe followed by some piffle from Air Supply? Any self-respecting '80s dance club knew better than this.

Then I had my answer:
I was lucky to have most of my Linden dollars left.

Another lesson learned from Second Life!

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