Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fire ants

For the past several days I've been suffering the effects of getting bit multiple times by those little bastards known as fire ants.

I got bit on Sunday (while putting up signs), and now it's Tuesday, so that's three days worth of suffering. Three days of hell.

You should see my hand.

I have a stronger than usual reaction to fire ant bites--to the point where you can literally see the pustules growing. I used to carry a bottle of vinegar in my truck in the event I got bit, because I'd read somewhere that rubbing vinegar on the bites can neutralize the stings. (It works if you do it immediately.) I actually did it once, and to my amazement, it worked. Somewhere along the way, though, I got rid of the vinegar, and I suffered for it Sunday.

And Monday. And Tuesday.

Right after I got bit, I ran across the street to a convenience store, frantically searching for a bottle of vinegar, knowing I had only about a minute, at the most, to neutralize the stings.

No vinegar at the store, dammit. So I bought a bottle of Tabasco sauce. And walked outside. And poured it over my hand. (Tabasco has vinegar in it.)

But it was too late; the pustules were already growing.

My friend Bill suggested I put salt over the bites to draw out the poison. (Why not?) So I walked back inside the store, got some salt, walked back outside and poured it all over my hand. Anyone wandering by at that moment would have thought I was crazy: my hand was now dripping with Tabasco sauce, and covered in salt.

Monday at work I was totally nauseous. I couldn't eat. I had chills. The toxins were taking their toll.

I went to the health food store after work and got a bottle of the most potent stuff they had for colds and flu. It tasted like poison, but I was told it would work for ant bites. I went right to bed after sipping that horrible stuff. I was exhausted.

Tuesday I woke up feeling 50% better. By Tuesday afternoon I was 80% better. As I write this I am 90% better. With every key stroke, though, I am reminded how much my hand itches, and how much I dislike fire ants.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

SL/Help Island/

Soy has his own epic stoner conversation.

(Mentor) Darcy Honeylist: ok back
Soy: i'm a stoner and i heard that stoners usually have a lengthy stay on this island
Darcy Honeylist: lol Soy
Darcy Honeylist: we were talking about the search menu
(Mentor) Lisa Griffin: true :D
Soy: oh yes, i said i was a Searcher
Soy: i remember now
Darcy Honeylist: ok open the search and click on the Places tab in there
Darcy Honeylist: ack phone
Soy: search for places and faces
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Darcy Honeylist: in the Search bar type clothes and click search
Soy: are you giving me a hint i need clothes?
Darcy Honeylist: you will see a list of everyone selling clothes on here
Soy: ok
Darcy Honeylist: lol no it's just a good one to start with
Soy: is that the word women first learn to type, clothes?
Darcy Honeylist: now think of something else you would like to look for
Darcy Honeylist: hahaha probably
Darcy Honeylist: try skins.....or hair, shoes etc.
Darcy Honeylist: anything you like
Darcy Honeylist: then click on search
Soy: um
Soy: can you try to think of something i might be interested in
Soy: j/k
Darcy Honeylist: :)
Soy: i'm only interested in skin, hair, shoes, if it adds up to a naked woman
Darcy Honeylist: rofl
Soy: I'm thinking about running the next time you say there is a rolling logout coming.
Soy: I want to increase my running speed on here, ok?
Darcy Honeylist: you can't normally cross a sim with any kind of vehicle though
Soy: rocket man
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Soy: i want to cross a sim with proper papers in hand
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Darcy Honeylist: no boarders here
Darcy Honeylist: and I cant type again
Soy: i heard there could be red dashes around certain buildings
Darcy Honeylist: red lines usually mean the property is locked
Darcy Honeylist: and you must be a member of that group to get in
Soy: red lines, yes
Soy: i was told never to get too close to red lines for fear of blindness
Darcy Honeylist: LOL
Soy: they somewhat glow i'm told
Darcy Honeylist: well, they might bounce you somewhere but not blind you
Soy: i was told there are no insects in Second Life
Soy: except wearable ones
Darcy Honeylist: afraid there are
Lisa Griffin: there are
Lisa Griffin: :D
Lisa Griffin: many bugs
Darcy Honeylist: we have spiders even
Lisa Griffin: :D
Lisa Griffin: hehhe
Darcy Honeylist: we have everything here you would find in rl
Lisa Griffin: and more
Soy: do you have D.E.E.T. ?
Darcy Honeylist: lol thats true
Darcy Honeylist: you beat me to that one
Lisa Griffin: furry avis, dancing cups with faces
Darcy Honeylist: DEET???
Soy: that stuff found in insect spray
Soy: has it been introduced into SL yet?
Darcy Honeylist: yeah, we have insect spray lol
Soy: insect spray is a reality in SL? is that what you're saying?
Lisa Griffin: mmhmm
Darcy Honeylist: yep :)
Lisa Griffin : i have a can somewhere
Soy: wow
Lisa Griffin: lol
Darcy Honeylist: didn't notice it work though lol
Lisa Griffin: getting tpd
Darcy Honeylist: they keep coming back
Darcy Honeylist: hahaha
Darcy Honeylist: What do you want to experience in Second Life?
Soy: I want to experience divorce, even though I'm unmaried in rl
Soy: I've always been curious about what it's like.
Darcy Honelylist: but wouldn't you have to be married first?
Soy: yes, quickie marriage then a walk into Divorce Sim
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Soy: where all hell breaks loose
Darcy Honeylist: cost you though
Soy: yes
Darcy Honeylist: you can do anything you want on here, be anyone you want to be
Soy: i want to be charleton heston at age 48.
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Darcy Honeylist: don't know that I've seen a skin for him but there could be one...
Darcy Honeylist: if not you can make one
Soy: i make charleton heston @ age 48 custom skin
Darcy Honeylist: we have Darth Vader lol
Darcy Honeylist: all skins on here have been made by someone in game
Soy: i want to be able to say i created Darth Vader skin
Soy: but only George Lucas can say that
Darcy Honeylist: a bit late for that, he's already here lol
Soy: Darth Vadar is not plural in Second Life i hope
Darcy Honeylist: you can be a fantasy creature if you want to
Soy: can you imagine a world with many many Darth Vaders roaming around?
Darcy Honeylist: lol we have hundred of them
Soy: jesus help us
Darcy Honeylist: LOL
Soy: how many Jesuses then?
Soy: is that the correct plural?
Darcy Honeylist: I've seen a few about
Soy: how many Jesi?
Darcy Honeylist: plural would work lol
Darcy Honeylist: rofl
Soy: speaking of Jesi, what is that?
Darcy Honeylist: what is what?
Soy: black angel
Darcy Honeylist: yep, we have them all
Darcy Honeylist: fairies, pixies, angels,furries
Soy: he keeps flying around that giant green light that's coming from that Exit sign
Darcy Honeylist: moth to the flame lol
Darcy Honeylist: I've seen a toothbrush and toothpaste
Soy: you've seen a mouth now a moth
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Darcy Honeylist: that exit is how you leave here
Darcy Honeylist: you will go to a Welcome area
Darcy Honeylist: until now you've always arrived in game via Help Island
Darcy Honeylist: once you leave here you will log in at a Welcome area
Darcy Honeylist: Until you have your own land or somewhere else you can set your home to
Darcy Honeylist: you can also opt to log in at the last place you left
Darcy Honeylist: to be honest I don't like the welcome areas much
Darcy Honeylist: too crowded there
Soy: i would love to be welcomed, sorry
Darcy Honeylist: when you leave here you won't be able to come back to this island but we do have a public Help Island
Soy: is there actual welcoming going on there?
Darcy Honeylist: its a replica of here
Soy: in spurts?
Soy: or what?
Darcy Honeylist: more griefing than welcoming
Soy: lol
Darcy Honeylist: we do have mentors that will go there, and Lindens patrol there too
Darcy Honeylist: anyone with Linden after their name works for the company itself
Soy: may i ask that you go as my escort?
Darcy Honeylist: i can take you in world but I wont go to the welcome area :)
Soy: who's gonna accompany me to Welcome Area?
Darcy Honeylist: last time I was there I spent most of the time filing reports on abusers lol
Soy: i don't dare go alone
Darcy Honeylist: well, I don't know which welcome area it will send you to
Soy: you mean that Exit sign there?
Darcy Honeylist: the areas rotate
Darcy Honeylist: yes, we have about 6 welcome areas in world
Darcy Honeylist: it could send you to any of them
Darcy Honeylist: i myself can't leave here using that exit sign
Darcy Honeylist: I'm already in world, so to speak, but I can come back here, as I'm now a mentor
Soy: do you visit the mainland much?
Darcy Honeylist: I'm always there
Darcy Honeylist: I chose to come here when I have the time to help others
Darcy Honeylist: I have an island in world
Soy: that is helpful of you
Soy: very nice too
Darcy Honeylist: I love doing it
Soy: i appreciate that
Soy: on behalf of my fellow newbs
Soy: Thanks
Darcy Honeylist: that's nice, Soy, thanks :)
Soy: we would tip you before we leave but we ain't got no money
Soy: honey
Darcy Honeylist: I specialise in helping new players get their AVs looking the way they want
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Darcy Honeylist: you know you can buy things for your appearance?
Soy: well i was born to this world looking exactly the way i want, i'm afraid
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Soy: this getup is perfect
Soy: and i love meeting my twins
Darcy Honeylist: you may decide you want to change your appearance once you get in world
Darcy Honeylist: you won't see anyone like you, except here on Help Island
Soy: i may want to comb my hair
Soy: i may not want to...
Darcy Honeylist: Everyone wants to get rid of the New look as soon as possible lol
Soy: i want to grow into this look
Darcy Honeylist: that's ok too
Darcy Honeylist: it's up to you how you look
Soy: i may in fact look... perfect
Darcy Honeylist: you can buy cash on the website if you need to
Soy: i am waiting to see my very first mirror
Darcy Honeylist: also can access it in game
Darcy Honeylist: you can look at yourself
Darcy Honeylist: just use the camera controls or alt and left and right-arrow
Soy: or just spin around
Soy: no?
Soy: it feels like God is watching me from this view
Soy: staring at my back
Darcy Honeylist: you'll need to use the camera control in some of the larger stores we have
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Darcy Honeylist: I've found that most of the guys want a muscular body and good hair and clothes
Soy: wimps
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Darcy Honeylist: a lot can be done with appearance, the rest can be bought
Darcy Honeylist: i think you will love it in world ...
Soy: for me to look chiseled how much is that going to cost me?
Darcy Honeylist: so much to do and see
Soy: and do i have to rent a Hilti hammer?
Darcy Honeylist: you can do that yourself in Appearance and it's free
Darcy Honeylist: you can get a realistic looking skin and dofferent heir too
Darcy Honeylist: skin is expensive though
Soy: i want my hair exactly the way it is right now except i want it to be white
Darcy Honeylist: ack my typing again
Darcy Honeylist: you can do that in Appearance
Darcy Honeylist: go into Appearance
Darcy Honeylist: let me check where it is
Soy: i want my hair to be white so i look more intelligent
Soy: and my beard white too
Darcy Honeylist: right-click on yourself then click on Appearance
Soy: only my mustache and eyebrows I want to remain black
Darcy Honeylist: hmm not sure if we can do that lol
Darcy Honeylist: but you can buy a skin in world with everything the color you want
Darcy Honeylist: the hair can be changed as well
Darcy Honeylist: in Appearance click on the hair tab, then alter the color bars in there
Soy: i want to click on select hairs
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Darcy Honeylist: I dont know what options you get for facial hair
Soy: nostril hair is not a consideration until what age?
Darcy Honeylist: yours will be different than mine as it depends on the skin you are wearing
Darcy Honeylist: rofl
Soy: at what age will my skin be perfect?
Darcy Honeylist: eww please dont go there lol
Soy: i want to buy a perfectly aged skin
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Darcy Honeylist: ok
Darcy Honeylist: everyone on here is about 24
Soy: forget that previous stoner comment
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Soy: everyone in this world is about 24?
Soy: is that a Fox show thing?
Darcy Honeylist: we don't age on here
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Soy: you don't age yet your chat develops emotionality
Darcy Honeylist: of course it does :)
Darcy Honeylist: you'll get used to how things work once you get in world
Soy: when i get to the mainland the first thing i want to do is kiss it
Darcy Honeylist: lots of places to explore, and new things to do
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Darcy Honeylist: I've not seen a kiss floor interaction yet
Darcy Honeylist: maybe I should get Clay to make one lol
Soy: if I teleport into mainland it won't have much meaning
Soy: i need to arrive by boat...
Darcy Honeylist: we have boats
Soy: can i charter a boat to pick me up here, please?
Darcy Honeylist: all watersports available on here
Darcy Honeylist: lol you can't
Soy: i don't want to visit mainland until i have at least some money in my pocket too
Soy: sorry, that's just me
Darcy Honeylist: do you want to buy some?
Soy: i would love to be able to buy money
Darcy Honeylist: you can earn some on here
Soy: purchasing money is my kind of perfect world
Darcy Honeylist: ok look at the top of your screen
Darcy Honeylist: you see the time up there, right?
Soy: i see the bright red X on top-right of my screen, yes, do you want me to click it?
Darcy Honeylist: right next to it is a small blue circle
Darcy Honeylist: nope lol
Soy: k
Darcy Honeylist: click on the small blue circle
Soy: what if i miss?
Soy: it's kinda small
Darcy Honeylist: brings up the Buying Currency option
Darcy Honeylist: lol be careful then
Darcy Honeylist: at the moment L$1000 = US$ 4.08
Soy: ok, i have to withdraw funds from my rl bank account to pay my guy money so that he can start a business to make L$ that is convertible back to me ?
Darcy Honeylist: yes, you have to use real money to buy lindens
Soy: can a woman tell if my bank account is 0?
Darcy Honeylist: but if you think about it, L$5000 will get you a long way
Darcy Honeylist: only you know how much you have
Darcy Honeylist: no one else can see that
Soy: oh cool
Soy: is it possible to be minus-lindens?
Darcy Honeylist: if you do want to buy some currency then type the amount of lindens you want then click purchase
Darcy Honeylist: it automaticaly will be taken from the c. card you registerd
Soy: i want to learn enough to make a cardboard sign so that i can use it to make my first L$
Darcy Honeylist: ooh do you have a premium account?
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Darcy Honeylist: you can do that with photoshop
Soy: no, a freebie account
Soy: i'm a free spirit
Darcy Honeylist: but you need cash to upload anything here
Soy: a gypsie wanna be
Soy: i need cash
Soy: i must figure out a way to get cash
Darcy Honeylist: hmm you could always use the camping chairs and dance pads to earn some cash
Soy: i want to earn money by dancing with a camping chair
Darcy Honeylist: lol
Darcy Honeylist: you earn money for the length of time you stay on one of those chairs
Darcy Honeylist: not much but it all counts
Soy: i need to learn how to squat
Soy: searching my Gestures now
Darcy Honeylist: that can be done too
Soy: ma'am, you've been most helpful and bon voyage, i think i'm going to look for that ship
Darcy Honeylist: i gave you a Notecard.
Darcy Honeylist: i hope you got that
Soy: it flew into my pocket, yes
Soy: thank you


Using only pantomime, can you tell my dilemma?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

SL/Orientation Island

Meet Soy.

Soy is new to Second Life.
Here Soy encounters his brother for the first time.

Help Island is the next leg of the journey.

Before leaving for Help Island, though, Soy notices his brother naked in the lagoon.
Here is Soy's brother trying on different poses.
This is Soy on Help Island.
Twins Hugo and Luke.
The lovely Alex Pinklady.
The age old question.

Friday, July 27, 2007

SL/Two Stoners resolve what to do about the new non-gambling policy, etc. etc.

Fantasy Club

[15:53] JenCookie Peralta: hiya new stoner friend
[15:53] Patric Styrian: oh hi stoner friend
[15:53] JenCookie Peralta: so with the no gaming I REALLy have nothin to do here (
[15:54] Patric Styrian: you just wander?
[15:54] JenCookie Peralta: right now I am shoppin
[15:55] JenCookie Peralta: you are a guy so you can always fall back on cybersex and porn
[15:55] JenCookie Peralta: lol
[15:55] Patric Styrian: cybersex is overrated
[15:55] Patric Styrian: porn is now boring
[15:56] Patric Styrian: for me to get off, the person must now be on fire
[15:56] Patric Styrian: i've evolved
[15:56] JenCookie Peralta: so what now then
[15:56] JenCookie Peralta: I could always could play poker
[15:57] Patric Styrian: you could
[15:57] JenCookie Peralta: lol
[15:57] JenCookie Peralta: cant type rollin
[15:57] Patric Styrian: i'm going to open up a casino that just allows strip poker
[15:57] Patric Styrian: poke 'er
[15:57] JenCookie Peralta: kinda like poke her poker
[15:57] Patric Styrian: uh huh
[15:58] Patric Styrian: oh we play poker not for money, but for inventory items
[15:58] Patric Styrian: or*
[15:59] Patric Styrian: i bet my shower curtain against your Champagne glass for instance
[15:59] JenCookie Peralta: ohhhhh
[15:59] JenCookie Peralta: you own a club now
[15:59] JenCookie Peralta is typing...
[15:59] Patric Styrian: just a fantasy club
[15:59] JenCookie Peralta: I havent looked at your profile yet
[16:00] Patric Styrian: it is just a fantasy

Thursday, July 26, 2007

SL/Babbler 2.22

We were at the shop to get a robot bartender for my pool.

The proprietor of the shop was a French man who didn't speak English. Thanks to a HUD called 'the Babbler,' we had no trouble understanding him:

[18:33] Angelaa Capalini: we need a female robot bartender
[18:33] dactarus Kamachi: no
[18:33] babbler2.22: No
[18:34] dactarus Kamachi: j ai un lego si tu veut
[18:34] babbler2.22: I have a lego if you wants
[18:34] Angelaa Capalini: lego bartender?
[18:34] dactarus Kamachi: c est ca lego
[18:34] Angelaa Capalini: yes a lego
[18:34] Angelaa Capalini: Patric do you like a lego bartender?
[18:34] Patric: a wha--?
[18:34] Patric: if it's a robot
[18:34] Case Planer: excuse me for a moment, gens....ha ha legos!
[18:35] dactarus Kamachi: tu veut des sex ball
[18:35] babbler2.22: you wants sex ball
[18:35] Angelaa Capalini: no sex
[18:35] Angelaa Capalini: bar tender
[18:35] Patric: perfect
[18:35] babbler2.22: La livraison sur le chemin à Angelaa Capalini
[18:35] Patric: i don't want my bartenders to have sex
[18:35] Angelaa Capalini: lol
[18:36] Angelaa Capalini: no sex on the job
[18:36] dactarus Kamachi: ce shop a ouvert hiere seulement
[18:36] babbler2.22: this shop opened here only
[18:36] Angelaa Capalini: is this your shop?
[18:37] dactarus Kamachi: oui
[18:37] babbler2.22: yes
[18:37] Angelaa Capalini: Patric do you see that
[18:37] Angelaa Capalini: sign, full permission bartender
[18:37] dactarus Kamachi: oui ici ya que du full perm
[18:37] Patric: yes
[18:37] babbler2.22: yes that full perm
[18:38] Patric: Where you from, d?
[18:38] dactarus Kamachi: france
[18:38] babbler2.22: France
[18:38] Patric: i purchased the bartender HUD
[18:38] Angelaa Capalini: france?
[18:38] dactarus Kamachi: oui c est mon pays
[18:38] babbler2.22: yes is my country
[18:38] Case Planer: good night all, thank you Dac!
[18:39] dactarus Kamachi: bon soir egalement
[18:39] babbler2.22: good evening

Monday, July 23, 2007

SL/Light and Smoke

At the end of a tunnel in a spooky castle there was a pitch-dark room that I couldn't find my way out of, so I teleported a few tokers in to shed some additional light. Yumi didn't bring her smokes--for some reason--just her bling, which was illuminating, but distracting, considering she wore it on parts of her body that she liked to dance with, and dance she did: The effect was like a miner's helmet being worn by a miner being attacked by a bear; I ended up having more light in my eyes than on the walls. Ferguso brought a Cuban cigar that he said would look impressive while he smoked it, and smoke it he did, right to the nub. There was so much smoke in the room by the time he got done it cancelled out any light. But he did look good smoking it.
Yetrates' pet alien Bleep was still in the tunnel, and when he shouted that he was coming in to help us, I told him to bring us a fatty.
Eventually there was so much smoke in the room that whoever was on the other side of that tunnel got tremendous blowback.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Attention: please
"My avatar was the exact replica of a moth so I tried positioning myself in front of where I thought her monitor would be for that all-important swat."

Saturday, July 21, 2007

SL/4.20 x 420

'Stoners nite' at Hooters-n-Shooters

DJ Elle is officiating. Meanwhile, Yetrates is releasing some kind of mints into the air, in increasing intervals. Intense, I tell her.
She is also holding a bong, wielding it like a light saber, and knighting several people with it.
Meanwhile, Elle giggles, and re-giggles.
She is dancing on top of glass, mind you, fish beneath her sneakers. No way would she would wear high heels tonight and risk injuring a fish by breaking the glass by dancing too much. There hasn't been a fish injury in the history of Second Life--as far as anyone knows--and DJ Elle isn't going to be the first one (to injure one).

I see what color underwear Yet is wearing: Squash. There is a similar-colored fish swimming in the tank. I want to eat it.

No I don't. Yes I do--if it's edible, which I don't think it is.

Noticing the mints now more than ever, especially the big, stationary one on my screen. The mint is sparkly; I like that. I want to eat it (too). I like it when a mint is sparkly. That means the mint has mint on it. The mint has little flecks of mint on it.


I love sucking the mint flecks off of mints I do I do I do.

(: Or at least trying to :)

Brb, famished.

Friday, July 20, 2007

SL/Let's Go

R.I.P. Dusty's

We were in 173, 214, 27 (Mature), otherwise known as "Peace," otherwise known as the home of Dusty's Nightclub, which was missing--unfortunately--and since I couldn't locate it in Search, I'll now refer to it as the home of the departed Dusty's Nightclub.

The ground was still there, though.

"We must give illegal party at this spot lol" said Yetrates.
I'm not so sure it's a good idea to hold a party on the spot of a departed nightclub--illegal or not, tribute or not--I told her.

I told Yet to put her sound effects away--temporarily.

"We must first consult the experts," I said.


There is nothing like a well-worded Invite. Here is Bongo Oldbull's:


True Love, pt. 2

I think I needed to add more story to the Monday Time Zone story below (4 or 5 entries down) called "True Love," so I did.

I hope you like it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Triangulating Serbian-Dutch-Florida time...

[17:43] Milorad Lehmann: goodnight
[17:43] Milorad Lehmann: and you also take some rest
[17:44] Patric: yeah
[17:44] Patric: i take it in about 2 hours
[17:44] Milorad Lehmann: how much time it's there
[17:44] Milorad Lehmann: here 2:44am
[17:44] Patric: in about 15 minutes it will be 9pm
[17:44] Milorad Lehmann: ha you cool
[17:44] Patric: 9pm Thursday
[17:44] Patric: i have yet to experience Friday
[17:45] Patric: you and Yetrates
[17:45] Patric: always there before me
[17:45] Milorad Lehmann: me and yet are in same time zone
[17:45] Patric: that is a thick time zone
[17:45] Milorad Lehmann: cya :)
[17:45] Milorad Lehmann is Offline

Monday Thru Friday and especially Saturday and Sunday

[17:24] Patric: you need to have party here

[17:24] Patric: some Event
[17:24] Milorad Lehmann: yes
[17:24] Milorad Lehmann: in sunday
[17:25] Milorad Lehmann: in this time 5pm
[17:25] Milorad Lehmann: sunday 5pm
[17:25] Patric: ok
[17:25] Patric: call it anti-monday blowout
[17:25] Milorad Lehmann: yes but here will be monday
[17:26] Patric: call it Forestalling Tuesday
[17:26] Patric: lol
[17:26] Patric: can you get properly motivated if where you are it's already Monday?
[17:26] Milorad Lehmann: lo
[17:26] Milorad Lehmann: here it's friday
[17:26] Milorad Lehmann: now
[17:26] Patric: you must feel wonderful

Forced to use 'the Stick'

on Milo
[16:47] Yetrates Bates: Milo better come back, i only tell once where im aiming at
[16:47] Yetrates Bates: it worked
[16:47] Milorad Lehmann: hm...
[16:48] Milorad Lehmann: get away
[16:48] Patric: i love it when Milo snaps back his head when he becomes (Awake)
[16:48] Milorad Lehmann: with that stick
[16:48] Yetrates Bates: lol
[16:48] Yetrates Bates: no this is the MILO GET BACK STICK
[16:48] Patric: between the 'boing' noise and the energy it makes, she brought you back
[16:48] Yetrates Bates: ;)
[16:48] Milorad Lehmann: -Smack Dat Ass
Later at the pool that stick was brought out again by Yet. I noticed it was a stem, not a stick.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Jenny's new work area: an oasis of tiki huts above the clouds.
Underneath the huts is where I got trapped once Jenny released the floor. I was amazed. The rooms went on forever. Finally Jenny sent down a box (with Waelya on top) for me to cling to, to rescue me from the maze.

Update: Yetrates tells me she was the one who sent the box down, not Jen. Sorry for any confusion. Also, Yetrates told me she went on Free Cam and got down into the labyrinth with us to push us out. Wow.
Electric Blue

This guy was at the "best in blue" contest at H-n-S. Notice he appears to be all neon.

SL/True love

True lovers, she sat in England, he sat in New York. Both of them dreaded Mondays. And, being true lovers, he sat with her, in a pad in Second Life, as her clock changed in England to Monday.

True Love pt. 2

Five hours later she awoke to join her lover as he experienced Monday.
"It's okay, love--it's okay." These words were expressed by the lady in London to her New York lover. Ten seconds passed. "You know what, I think you're gonna make it" she gushed at him.
"Yes, I think I am," said the man in New York. "Monday blues got-a hold o' me but I'm still alive."
"Exactly," said the woman in London. "Forty-five seconds into Monday and you're a survivor!"
"Nice," replied the man. "I'm a survivor-winner."
"Exactly," said the woman, again.
Five minutes passed.
"Time for bed again, love."
"Time for bed the first time, love."
"Exactly," they both said at once.

Monday, July 16, 2007


[19:36] Sandi Heckroth: What's the last best thing you learned?

[19:36] Patric Styrian: that the world is flat.

SL/Body Language/

I have a Photoboard in my house that displays pictures. Anyone can add or subtract pics from the board.
If you touch a pic, it blows up to full size, another nice feature.
Here is a blown up picture of Yetrates, who just won a race.
Milo was at the house and immediately went (Away), so we were able to use the board as a comparison piece of his hair "Before" and "After" he met his fiance, Kaca.
Yetrates left and invited me to a car dealership. While there, she kept telling me the "Citroen was for" me. I am not as big into cars as she is--I really don't know what a Citroen is--so I went to get something from the real life refrigerator, and when I came back, I saw Milo was at the dealership, too, already (Away).
Milo has been spending an inordinate amount of time (away) since he met his girlfriend. It is affecting his ability to stand up straight.
Horse Encounters at H-n-S
At Hooters 'n' Shooters history was (perhaps) made when a horse on the dance floor was cautiously introduced to a sea horse.

SL/Rarer sighting than Bigfoot

After zipping around her club all day then doing a dynamic shift as DJ, owner-impresario Elle is seen sitting in a La-Z-boy.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I love playing Hotel Concierge. When Journey the dog came into the lobby, I was able to inform him that his Master had come looking for him, and to have a nice night.
One lady wanted to be teleported four times...and I arranged every one of them for her.
Another guy was so tired of flying, he had to check in for the night. I put him in a special chamber first, where no light was allowed in, and zero sound, so his lag would disappear. Once he settled down, I showed him to his room.
One lad I had to chew out because he did not understand the concept of "tipping."
One lass was broke and needed a room, so I paid her $50L to get us one.

I learned the concierge oath: "Every customer has needs, and so do we all."

Saturday, July 14, 2007

SL/Attempt to locate Swamp Monster pt. 2

I went to Pappy Enoch's "office," expecting to find him there, but he wasn't in. Pappy's yard was basically empty; only his junk remained.
I invited Yetrates over for a quick stakeout.
It wasn't Pappy we were after, necessarily, it was the swamp monster he's been blogging about.
Pappy's been describing a swamp monster that's been harassing him and he's offered $100L for its pic (and to prove he hasn't been oversampling his own moonshine).
Speaking of shine, we found plenty of evidence that Pappy left in a hurry.
I didn't want to get near his still-hot still, though, for fear of boobytrappment. Although I did notice a sign welcoming "Stew-dints."
Out of the corner of my eye I saw water, then movement. I told Yet to turn around, expecting to see a swamp (and a swamp monster); instead we saw dolphins. I told Yetrates it was not out of the realm of possibilities to see dolphins in a swamp.
It was dark out, and we couldn't tell for sure, but Yetrates assured me we were looking at the ocean.
I reminded her that the Gulf-of-Mexico has about a million dolphins in it, and feeding into the Gulf is the Everglades, so it's very possible that dolphins could end up in a swamp.
I suggested we find out. The boat wasn't working, though, which led to brief stoner talk:

[16:21] Yetrates Bates: touch them to swim ike that
[16:21] Patric Styrian: i wouldn't dare touch a dolphin, would you?
[16:22] Yetrates Bates: it would be awwsome to swim whit them
[16:22] Yetrates Bates: bare naked
[16:22] Yetrates Bates: hha
[16:22] Patric Styrian: i am 3 miles from dolphins
[16:22] Patric Styrian: i get naked
[16:22] Yetrates Bates: damn lucky you
[16:22] Patric Styrian: damn me?
[16:23] Patric Styrian: you get to smoke dope legally in Holland
[16:23] Patric Styrian: damn you