Thursday, July 26, 2007

SL/Babbler 2.22

We were at the shop to get a robot bartender for my pool.

The proprietor of the shop was a French man who didn't speak English. Thanks to a HUD called 'the Babbler,' we had no trouble understanding him:

[18:33] Angelaa Capalini: we need a female robot bartender
[18:33] dactarus Kamachi: no
[18:33] babbler2.22: No
[18:34] dactarus Kamachi: j ai un lego si tu veut
[18:34] babbler2.22: I have a lego if you wants
[18:34] Angelaa Capalini: lego bartender?
[18:34] dactarus Kamachi: c est ca lego
[18:34] Angelaa Capalini: yes a lego
[18:34] Angelaa Capalini: Patric do you like a lego bartender?
[18:34] Patric: a wha--?
[18:34] Patric: if it's a robot
[18:34] Case Planer: excuse me for a moment, gens....ha ha legos!
[18:35] dactarus Kamachi: tu veut des sex ball
[18:35] babbler2.22: you wants sex ball
[18:35] Angelaa Capalini: no sex
[18:35] Angelaa Capalini: bar tender
[18:35] Patric: perfect
[18:35] babbler2.22: La livraison sur le chemin à Angelaa Capalini
[18:35] Patric: i don't want my bartenders to have sex
[18:35] Angelaa Capalini: lol
[18:36] Angelaa Capalini: no sex on the job
[18:36] dactarus Kamachi: ce shop a ouvert hiere seulement
[18:36] babbler2.22: this shop opened here only
[18:36] Angelaa Capalini: is this your shop?
[18:37] dactarus Kamachi: oui
[18:37] babbler2.22: yes
[18:37] Angelaa Capalini: Patric do you see that
[18:37] Angelaa Capalini: sign, full permission bartender
[18:37] dactarus Kamachi: oui ici ya que du full perm
[18:37] Patric: yes
[18:37] babbler2.22: yes that full perm
[18:38] Patric: Where you from, d?
[18:38] dactarus Kamachi: france
[18:38] babbler2.22: France
[18:38] Patric: i purchased the bartender HUD
[18:38] Angelaa Capalini: france?
[18:38] dactarus Kamachi: oui c est mon pays
[18:38] babbler2.22: yes is my country
[18:38] Case Planer: good night all, thank you Dac!
[18:39] dactarus Kamachi: bon soir egalement
[18:39] babbler2.22: good evening

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