Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Second Life/Elephant eyes

I always like to check out what books people have.

This is quite an office.
Interesting trinkets.

Ahh, the office hours.
A two-way communicator. No hidden buttons underneath.

The office sits in the middle of strange landscape.
The occupier of this office is a strange looking cat.

This is his portrait.

Here he is working at desk with his portrait overhead.
The books are flavorable.

A very whacked-out painting. I like it.

Photographs on desk.

What the--?
This gentleman is some sort of security.

His T-shirt says there is a Sasquatch in the area and to have caution.
Standing around with our tails hanging out.
An elephant has his eyes on a pretty one.

There is no mistaking the attraction.
Not sure the feeling is mutual.

Now eyes on me?

I'm the object of scrutiny?
Heavy scrutiny.

Others are starting to notice.
What is the deal?

I try to look casual but there's no avoiding the gaze.

Elephant eyes

Second Life/Avilion

It's midnight, and here is a still-rezzing Centaur.

The hindquarters are done, so is the front. Only the middle section needs to resolve.
Egads. The mid-section may be too resolved.

Being half-man/half-horse has its advantages...
I ask the Centaur for a lift and the only way to accommodate me is to lie flat on the ground, looking all sexxxy.

Since there is no way to mount without getting arrested, I decided to teleport.

At the magnificent ballroom of Avilion.
I had to get dressed in a tux to enter.
The crest of the club.

(Nervous. Preparing to enter.)
The opulence.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Second Life/Subterranean

A stairwell leads to canals that you can explore using a boat.

Down the tunnel we go with Sarg Bjornson, the captain.


Now in a different section with greenish pipewater in front of us.

My pilot gets sprayed in the lap.

Sarg, out of the boat, dried off and looking armed.

Inside cinema. Watching movie.
(Which movie?)
(Bad movie?)