Saturday, January 13, 2007

Second Life/Hooters/Help Island

I attended an Event and wandered to a nearby park and discovered a camper who was literally turning blue in the face.

On Help Island you never know what you're gonna get.

The locals are a wild bunch.

Here are a bunch of picketers.

There's a small disturbance as a dragon appears out of nowhere.

Some of the picketers are caught off guard

A few don't make it.

Later, when things are much calmer I take my first hot air balloon ride.

The owner/pilot is named Hans.

(...Checking out my smoke contrails...)

Along the way someone else joins us for a ride.

His name is Maxwell.


At Hooters 'n' Shooters an elegant looking fellow named Castor awaits competition for a gothic-themed event.

And here is Elle, a girl I've been visiting at this same club.

She's a beautiful person.
And she has an excellent job.


shalengb said...

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Elle Kirshner said...

Patric -- thank you for posting me on your blog :) i feel like a celebrity. ;)