Monday, January 01, 2007

2nd Life/ New Year's, SL style

I spent time today working on my new water tower with my rl friend, Bill, who's much more adept at putting stuff together than I am.
The water tower sort of looks like this.
(The tower is another reference to BF42 [which has plenty of water tanks and guard towers, so this is my attempt to blend them together]. This water tower has a swinging bachelor pad, though.)
I thought it would be interesting to see how the people on SL celebrate New Year's. At Badgirls Club all the East Coasters cheered (with quite a number of wolf howls) at midnight; then we did it all again an hour later when the Central Timers had their midnight. I asked the Central Timers if I, as an East Coaster, could join in on their celebration--and they said no problem. More howls and hooting (and hollering) were heard when it became midnight Central, as everyone at the club used every conceivable sound device to get the point across. And it was the same way an hour later when the Mountain Timers had their fun. By the time the Pacific Timers had their midnight I was already in bed--my computer worn out because of all the lag. (I imagine their experience was fun too.)
In short, it was a surreal experience welcoming in the New Year in both the virtual and real worlds.
Great, great fun.

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