Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Second Life/No Lag

A gentleman was dancing, and by the time I saw what he was carrying he had a girl clinging to his waist.

We were fortunate enough to have a giraffe on the dance floor.
A giraffe, a banana, Snoopy, and an attractive girl with giant fingers poking out of her back all on the same dance floor.

More giraffes show up, including an elephant.

Even more giraffes show up!

The giraffes are obviously having a good time.

A wolf on the dance floor. Uh oh.

Guess who it's got its eyes on?

A guy with a burning sombrero gets a little too close to one of the giraffes, which backs off.

The gentleman with the No Lag sign is holding a sparkler which may or may not be causing lag.

All the animals are paying attention to it.

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