Friday, August 31, 2007

SL/Christening my new graphics card by sitting

(Time to donate Larry my old card)

My computer went kaput and I upgraded to something grand. Make that over a grand. It has a shiny new graphics card that makes Second Life seem like an (almost) new experience. Wow! I've always loved the graphics at Myg's site and now I can see what all the fuss is about.

I cannot wait to upload some pictures.

Yetrates asked me what it was like, and I said for the first time I could see little bumps on nipples, for example. Or I could see trees dropping their leaves somehow. Bling took on a whole new level of importance and significance.

The whole atmosphere changed. It was a like a shift.

The moon seemed bigger, and brighter thanks to the new graphics card. Watching Elle build her shopping empire I actually thought she was building quicker thanks to the general lack of lagginess.

All seemed less foggier.

One of the first things I noticed upon getting the new graphics card was that I was doing an awful lot of sitting.

Here is my first pic: Me sitting while Elle is building.

Monday, August 27, 2007

SL/Be Back...

Next update might be Friday as I've got some other business to attend to...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 13/Total Babylon

Lapsing into Babylonese

Soy met a German wearing the same necklace which somehow sparked Babylonese.

Jan: can i help you...
Soy: sorry, just looking at your necklace
Soy: i collect those
Jan: ist a same to your
Soy: yes
Jan: you obtain a VIENA Freebes
Soy: non
Jan: you Know?
Soy: que?
Jan: i donunderstand to many spanisch
Soy: was?
Jan: ok ja
Soy: negative
Soy: yo
Soy: wassup?
Jan: ich verstehe dich nicht
Soy: wassup?
Jan: go way plase

Later Soy met Aribella and asked her to listen to some sounds from his Inventory. She declined.
Aribella: I can't soy
Soy: why can't?
Aribella: because I'm so cold I need the heater on...and I have to have the door open for that, and it's early Saturday morning...
Aribella : ok, that was kinda long-winded
Soy: what??

Soy had to admit, he'd heard a lot of excuses as to why women had their speakers off, but that was the first time he'd heard of speakers off due to heaters in the cold, especially since it was summer.

Soy: it's summer
Aribella Lafleur: it's winter
Soy: no, it's summer

It was (finally) established that in her part of the world it was winter, while in Soy's it was summer.

As a stoner, Soy couldn't resist a proposition:

"I want to get high where I'm currently at in summer, if you'll join me by getting drunk where you are at in winter."

Thursday, August 23, 2007



"i met someone honest to goodness today who couldn't identify the U.S. on a map that i had whipped out"

Who's in bed?

I told a friend in France I was going to bed, since it was nearly 1:30am in Florida. In France it was nearly 6:30am. He told me he'd already been to bed and that he'd gotten up two hours earlier (at 4:30am).
I was chuckling at the fact that I was going to beat France to bed, yet France had already been to bed.
France was an early riser (and an early-to-bed'r).
I love the internet.
I love this world.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SL/Welcome, Assed

I've seen many interesting interviews with new residents, so I wanted to give it a try with this conversation with Assed McBride

Patric: how are you, Assed?
Assed McBride: hi
Assed McBride: i arrive today
Assed McBride: im brazilian
Patric: i like your name
Assed McBride: where are you?
Patric: by the big door to the club
Assed McBride: do you have a pot?
Assed McBride: i dont understand
Assed McBride: my english its not so good
Patric: your english is very good
Assed McBride: how can i get some money?
Patric: you can make money here on Hippie Island, but i don't know how
Patric: thank you for asking, though
Assed McBride: okey
Assed McBride: are you smoking hemp?
Patric: hemp family
Assed McBride: yeapp
Assed McBride: i like that
Patric: do you smoke?
Assed McBride: here in brazil its legalized practilly
Assed McBride: i smoke today
Assed McBride: some ours ago
Patric: is that why you chose blond hair?
Assed McBride: i dont now
Assed McBride: know
Assed McBride: i put enyone
Assed McBride: no pcience
Patric: no science?
Patric: i see
Assed McBride: pacience to choose and choose
Patric: just pick and go
Patric: pick and go, me too, basically
Patric: i got dressed over time
Assed McBride: hoho
Patric: i went nude for like 3 or 4 weeks
Assed McBride: im going
Assed McBride: see you
Assed McBride: nice to meet you
Patric: then slowly added clothes
Patric: nice meeting u too
Assed McBride: i will practice this
Patric: have fun
Assed McBride: thanks
Assed McBride: seya
Assed McBride: last one
Assed McBride: hehe
Assed McBride: how can i fuck here?
Assed McBride: having sex?
Assed McBride: its possible?
Patric: well, depending on your name
Patric: i have a feeling you will have sex many times
Assed McBride: okey
Assed McBride: thats good
Another Interview followed this one, minutes later. This one with 'Assasin' Decosta Slade, which you can read here.


"With the advent of voice, I hear there are now Opera singers who will show up next to you and do a little singing for tips. Troubadours, they used to call them."

Sunday, August 19, 2007

SL/Welfare Island/Overheard

"if i dress up as a king even though I'm in the very back of this line do i have the right to jump over someone in front of me if the person in front of them isn't there?"

"i went up and down the line, not a single bow tie"
"do not tip the Uncle Sams"
"what the hell is this one doing sitting on her ball?? not illegal??"

"Everyone is to be commended for their postures in this line!"

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 12/

More life and death drama

Darwin Dallagio came to the Welcome Area and at first bumped into people, as happens sometimes when you arrive inworld.
Then he got his act together, and stood at the star in the center of the room, quietly, where incoming people showed up.
"Darwin, you hanging out where people first arrive?" asked Soy.
"You trying to figure out where they come from?"
Pep Talk
After the last 'flying Marios Bros attack' Soy finally had enough:
"I listened to you urge calm, Pep, since the last attack, but, listen, you're still the only one with open wounds on your back."


When the helicopter showed up minutes later it caused panic, due to the unknowingness of how hairdos would react.

1st Life/shopping

Creamer with built-in caffeine

While at a 7-11 this morning I noticed a type of creamer with a black label that caught my attention. Stok, it's called, and it's really a container of caffeine you can plop in your coffee, looking exactly like a creamer would.
Book-buying line vs. grocery store line

While at Barnes and Nobles today I realized how much more relaxing it was to be in a bookstore checkout line versus a grocery store line. In the bookstore line you can at least sample the merchandise. In the grocery store line you can sample the merchandise, too--if you want to explain to the cashier why your box of crackers has already been opened.
Sometimes I don't want to budge while in the bookstore line, reading a particularly zesty line perhaps. In the grocery store line I'm always counting the number of items to be scanned in front of me.
Math seems to be a hidden part of the grocery shopping experience. Maybe that's why I'm not a big fan. Chances are, grocery shopping can affect your budget for the week, so you must stand there and do all kinds of boring calculations in your head. Book buying is pretty much done on a whim, with the non-math side of your brain, and that's maybe why I like it.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

SL/Milo update

Yetrates asked me why I was wearing a box and I told her it was because my inventory got lost. /
"Warddrobe malfunction."
I told her it was my idea to start with a box and see if I could shape it into a barrel over time. Milo, she told me, was done with SL--not a chance he would ever come back, because he was 'bored,' and had uninstalled it from his computer.
"A pity," I said. What Milo needed more than anything, I said, was a retirement party. "Maybe then he wouldn't have left."
"He is playing W.o.W. now" she informed me. (World of Warcraft.)
"Different world."
(She communicates with Milo via MSM.)
"At least his skills are being put to use there," I conceded. Now Milo could kill, finally.
(I hadn't done any killing since I joined Second Life.)
"Do you want to see my new Cyborg?" she asked me.
"Can I kill it?" I asked her.
She acted surprised. "Kill it?"
"Unplug it, temporarily."
Nevermind. I didn't want to go there with her.
"Let's go to Welfare Island," she suggested, "and see that line."
Back to Welfare Island we went...
The line was incredibly long tonight.
"Wearing that box you look right at home" she said. And it did feel like home. As a matter of fact, it felt like I was King of Welfare Island!
As king, it was my right--my duty--to go to the head of the line. I wanted behind the counter.
I knew it would take awhile to get behind the counter due the maze. What kind of place is this where you must walk through a maze to get behind the counter? It almost looked like a set up. There was little time to waste.
Yet...a delay!
A gentleman had chosen that moment to ask me a question, and not just any question, but a question that was over a minute in length due to him being a very slow typer. What choice did I have but to stand there and wait patiently for him to use the 'Enter' key?
I never got a chance to hear his question because I was ejected from the land!
Underwater, I told Yetrates to stay there, to plead my case to an administrator, or at least to the people. If necessary, I told her, I would grow a beard and try to return.

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 11/adding another Twin to the mix

Fog Tenk a had "I HATE LAG" title over his head, yet Soy saw him march into the ground and resurface ten seconds later, doing a perfect "lag walk" (by anyone's standards) in spite of his title.

After complimenting him on his lag, Soy invited Fog to sit down for awhile to reduce it.

"Sometimes a lack of movement is just what the doctor ordered."

Meanwhile, twin Wilson was chanting on and on beside them, copying-and-pasting from whatever website he found interesting. Then a third twin showed up, whose name did not get written down--unfortunately--and doing what they all do at first (and forevermore) which is mess with their hair.
He messed with it so much you can see in this photograph that it completely got removed from his scalp.

He is lucky, because here is a pic of it firmly back in place.
Maybe he didn't want to mess with it anymore, because here he is with most of it shorn off.

"Shame on you for shorning," Soy told him.

It went beyond shorning, though.
Could it be??

"OMg is that a baldspot," Soy wrote, forgetting all exclamation marks.

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 10/Wilson the twin triggers Run-on sentence

Another modified "twin," this one's named Wilson, and this one's wearing a cowl--or cape--so you can't see his hands as he's typing (they're covered), so Soy asks whether or not his hands are being used for anything else, while simultaneously there's a woman standing behind Wilson named "Living Art," who may or may not have the best body in the world, and it is up to Wilson to learn how to continue talking with Soy while at the same time learn how to adjust his camera controls so that he can look at the woman without turning his actual head.

SL/Retired Milo was Security/Pool Maintenance Man/Pot Farm ambassador

Since Milo's "retirement" I've no choice but to think seriously about what to do with my property.
One idea is to spread hot lava all over the place and walk away, since lava requires very little maintenance. If I return home and find someone's Inventory items have turned to goo, or, say, hot lead, I will know I've had a trespasser.
Another thing would be to install quicksand all over the place, or better yet, hot quicksand, because I'm told there is a lava-quicksand hybrid you can buy now, which is all the rage in totalitarian sims that have Pacific themes.
One of Milo's jobs was to maintain the pool, so now I'm stuck with a pool that's hosted approximately 18 parties in the past several weeks and hasn't been drained once. Three fat guys, furries, a host from Nickelodeon, chips, fountain coins, you name it, all have been in my pool, not to mention several good-looking women, and I'd like to keep the good-looking women coming back, so if you know someone with pool maintenance/medicine skills, send him/her to me, stat.
Any pool guests would have to be choppered in, thanks to the lava, so I am also looking for an experienced pilot. (Milo is costing more than he knows!)
I had wanted to get the pot farm so big it covered the entire sim. In fact, I wanted to expand it to several islands so that it would be required to have its own ambassador. Milo was to be that ambassador, but he never knew it, aside from this paragraph, so if you're reading this, Milo, you can have the 'ass' from the middle of that word ambassador, because you blew a good opportunity, sir.
Maybe now that Milo is retired he can be that ambassador, since ambassadors are usually retired folks. So if you're reading this, Milo, the job is still open.

Friday, August 17, 2007

SL/Darko the Serbian dancer

Darko is one of the dancers at Hooters -N- Shooters. I remember the days when Hooters had "hooters" on one side, and in the other room were the "shooters". I always stayed on the Hooters side, and sometimes had to duck through the Shooters side to leave. But today's Hooters has the Shooters combined, so we see dancers like Darko in the same room with hot dancers like Abfab and Sugar and BHo.

Darko is not shy about getting naked; in fact, you can usually find him naked a full one hour before the rest of the dancers.

Today I was startled to find him fully dressed.
I was so used to ignoring Darko that finding him dressed was a revelation. He explained that since he wasn't working, he was dressed. I saw the advertisements on his clothing. "Overdressed," I corrected him.
It wasn't advertisements, he corrected me; and in a way it wasn't: it was the crude usage of search engines like Google and YouTube and Yahoo to depict rough sex in a sentence. I told Darko he'd better turn around, and we'd better see on the back of his shirt.

SL/Same Wave length

Dragon the British DJ said to pay attention to the colours in the club.

As a Floridian I could clearly see them so I responded:
"i see colors"


"i see colours"

SL/Bull s--t

I was given a tough-looking bull to ride on a dance floor and it sparked some interesting conversation once the bull and I got to know each other.

"My bull likes to eat grass but doesn't like to get caught eating it."
"he is a grass eater"
"deep down"

Some human announced she was a grass smoker. I told her my bull would like to get introduced to the crispier side of grass. I told her I had a billygoat once that had been trained only to eat stems and seeds.
"My bull wants to know where the fire exit is in case he wants to stampede."
My bull was skittish:
"Some girl got a little too close with a hot iron last week" I explained
"he hasn't been the same since"
Isis: "Oh poor bull"
"If you are wearing red it's your own damn fault."
"My bull told me he has one sound he hates more than all"
"sizzling sound"
Then came the implications of tattoos.

"my bull is not thrilled that you humans like tattoos so much"

[10:15] Isis Humphreys: why pat?
[10:15] Isis Humphreys: why doesn´t it like tattoos?
[10:15] Patric: to them it's just a 2 hour branding

SL/Clear view/Overheard

"If you continue to strip for me please please promise me you won't add any more tattoos."


At JenCookie's I was blindsided by this spectacular sunrise.

Then I was made to lie next to her on a floatation device.

Where I couldn't help noticing her tattoo each time she flipped over.
Finally, I asked Jen to flip again so I could look more carefully at it.
"Amazing tattoo, Jen."

"Thank you. Got it to go with this suit."


Nothing starts the day off better than being outside Hooters -N- Shooters nightclub on your day off, bright and early, listening to the birds and seeing the sun bouncing off the violet windows. Adding to that, sitting on a water tower with the lovely Elle, the DJ/Owner/Landscaper.

There is a playground outside the club too, and a dumpster where I may end up living part-time.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The nature of my blog is confusing my Google Ads

A little while back I started noticing my Google ads react to the nature of this blog, which is a stoner's Second Life blog.

Notice how whacked-out the ads are becoming. Some are so wacky I had to capture them before they could disappear.

SL/Novel explanation

She was trying to explain how she would sound on Voice:
"She breathed heavily as she typed, with kids fighting in background."
"Sexy," I said.
"Then a dog barks."
"Sounds real."
"The sound of her phone would ring, too," she offered.
"Driving the dog mad," I wrote.
"Yes. It was a spectacular ring tone."
"Yes, where did you buy it?" I asked.
"Wal-greens," she said.
"The discount drug store?"
"Your dog?"

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 9/Stunning shot from outer space

The Welcome Area was hit by a particle storm that Kinkykitty was able to capture from way way above. This is a pic of what it looked like:

SL/Encounters in (International) Welcome Area pt.8/Test

"I want to see which countries walk over me, and why."

SL/How it all began/Voice

There were no cell phones to speak of in Second Life so the creator of Voice transmitted the sounds of his own cell phone ringing and ringing. It was a historic day.

Monday, August 13, 2007

SL/Welfare Island

The long queues at Welfare Island
The lines were being supervised by a Frog whose title was "Anti-racist Soldier."
In the crowd was an ex-king.
A 30-year-old hippie.
A furry who couldn't follow directions.
A woman with no moles on her back.
The line stretched longer and longer.
One of the guys in back was an upside-down angel!
"I thought computers were supposed to speed up the world," I shouted.
The line kept getting longer and longer. "I thought computers were supposed to speed up the internet" I shouted.
Still nothing.
"Thank god for anti-idle hud" someone said.
"No cheating in welfare line!" I screamed.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


"i am an innie and i want to meet a woman who's an outtie so we can be conjoined in more creative ways during sex"

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt.7/robot closecall

Near the Welcome Area was a giant robot.
Soy tried to warn the villagers. He shouted: "someone let loose a robot. If that's your robot on the loose, please claim it"
The robot ducked behind a tree.
Soy shouted: "that robot is trying to hide in the foliage"
Then he shouted: "we have a robot on the loose, Sector D"
He shouted: "the robot's movements are being hamstrung by lag"
Atharva Rossini: "Where dat robot"

Atharva Rossini: "looked mighty big to mee"

Soy shouted: "Sector D"

Atharva Rossini: "are we safe in here?"

Soy shouted: "yes, by 2 feet"