Friday, August 10, 2007

SL/Larry needs a new video card to escape from O. Island

Larry is a co-worker friend of mine. He looks like Marlon Brando from "Apocalypse Now": bald-headed, dark eyebrows: A very intimidating look. It was fascinating to watch Larry show up in Second Life and inhabit an avatar that looks like a metrosexual, a far cry from the Larry I know.

Larry has undergone three incarnations in Second Life, all trying to get off Orientation Island.
Larry is a stoner in real life.
He may never get off Orientation Island. Every time he does get off it's only for a short while before the inevitable crash sends him back to Orientation Island for the next log-in.
He is not only a stoner, he is laggy.
How does he expect to get off the island?
Tonight, Larry requested a TP to get off the island since he couldn't move (he could only type). He couldn't even use his legs. I invited Larry to our pool, where he still couldn't move, so I sent him into the pool. I told him: "Yes, your avatar appears to be blinking" after I studied his face. And so it was.

[17:41] Boone Docherty (Larry): wet
[17:42] Patric Styrian: try to do the impossible and swim
[17:42] Boone Docherty: this thing will not move
[17:43] Patric Styrian: CAN YOU READ THIS
[17:43] Patric Styrian: i don't want to lose you
[17:43] Boone Docherty: yes
[17:44] Patric Styrian: i am summoning a doctor
[17:44] Patric Styrian: don't move
[17:44] Patric Styrian: he is a Lag Specialist
[17:44] Boone Docherty: cant move
[17:45] Patric Styrian: try to move your right hand
[17:45] Boone Docherty: what button
[17:45] Patric Styrian: forget that
[17:45] Patric Styrian: hit your upper arrow key
[17:45] Patric Styrian: see if that works
[17:45] Boone Docherty: ok
[17:46] Boone Docherty: nothing
[17:46] Patric Styrian: try your 'W' key
[17:46] Boone Docherty: wwwwwww
[17:46] Patric Styrian: lmao
Larry-Boone crashed, and returned to Orientation Island. But the next time he logged in he could move, so I invited him to Hooters -N- Shooters nightclub to escape.
For 12 minutes he was able to survive at Hooters -N- Shooters without incident, moving around somewhat freely. Then something happened. At the 12-minute mark he was staring at one of the beautiful dancers when he stopped communicating. None of us could get his attention.
"I think that's it for him," someone said.
Larry disappeared.
(Returning no doubt to Orientation Island.)


Wrath said...


Poor dude is going to think either A) he's stoned or B) he's reenacting the movie Groundhog Day.

Or C) both, perhaps, hehe.

Patrick said...

C is probably right.