Sunday, August 19, 2007

1st Life/shopping

Creamer with built-in caffeine

While at a 7-11 this morning I noticed a type of creamer with a black label that caught my attention. Stok, it's called, and it's really a container of caffeine you can plop in your coffee, looking exactly like a creamer would.
Book-buying line vs. grocery store line

While at Barnes and Nobles today I realized how much more relaxing it was to be in a bookstore checkout line versus a grocery store line. In the bookstore line you can at least sample the merchandise. In the grocery store line you can sample the merchandise, too--if you want to explain to the cashier why your box of crackers has already been opened.
Sometimes I don't want to budge while in the bookstore line, reading a particularly zesty line perhaps. In the grocery store line I'm always counting the number of items to be scanned in front of me.
Math seems to be a hidden part of the grocery shopping experience. Maybe that's why I'm not a big fan. Chances are, grocery shopping can affect your budget for the week, so you must stand there and do all kinds of boring calculations in your head. Book buying is pretty much done on a whim, with the non-math side of your brain, and that's maybe why I like it.

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