Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Nice Camping Excursion

Sitting in a courtyard drinking coffee where we were making the equivalent of 1/100th of a cup of Starbucks coffee.

The one nice thing about camping spots is that the clientele are sometimes universal. (Such as tonight's.)
[17:17] Angelaa Capalini: PAtric we need Babbler 3.17
[17:17] Angelaa Capalini: stat

[17:17] Patric: put yours on

[17:17] Patric: if you wear yours it works for me

[17:17] Patric: too

[17:18] Patric: i am co-dependent babbler

[17:18] Angelaa Capalini: well I wont make money this way

[17:19] Patric: lol

[17:19] allanjack Laryukov: senta alguem ai pra gente trocar ideia

[17:19] Angelaa Capalini: Doesn't Gus look like Milo?

[17:20] Patric: You could stay there drinking that coffee for hours and make lots of money but you'll lose it all in the cumulative bathroom time you've earned

[17:45] Angelaa Capalini: what are you listening to tonight?

[17:47] Patric: i'm listening to Foreigners

[17:47] Angelaa Capalini: good choice

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