Friday, August 17, 2007

SL/Darko the Serbian dancer

Darko is one of the dancers at Hooters -N- Shooters. I remember the days when Hooters had "hooters" on one side, and in the other room were the "shooters". I always stayed on the Hooters side, and sometimes had to duck through the Shooters side to leave. But today's Hooters has the Shooters combined, so we see dancers like Darko in the same room with hot dancers like Abfab and Sugar and BHo.

Darko is not shy about getting naked; in fact, you can usually find him naked a full one hour before the rest of the dancers.

Today I was startled to find him fully dressed.
I was so used to ignoring Darko that finding him dressed was a revelation. He explained that since he wasn't working, he was dressed. I saw the advertisements on his clothing. "Overdressed," I corrected him.
It wasn't advertisements, he corrected me; and in a way it wasn't: it was the crude usage of search engines like Google and YouTube and Yahoo to depict rough sex in a sentence. I told Darko he'd better turn around, and we'd better see on the back of his shirt.

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