Sunday, August 05, 2007

SL/Illusions/Shopping at Bravo Bravo

The first thing I realize is that I'm standing on a ledge; the teleporter actually lands you on a ledge, and it is up to you to frantically wave your arms, windmill-style, to keep from falling off. Then I noticed a guy looking at me. I couldn't leave the ledge, so I used my Zoom key to see what he was staring at. After a while it dawned on me he wasn't real. Neither was this series of him as a smaller guy. Who was 'this guy?' And why were there so many copies of him? And look: Here was an actual

carousel of him.
Upon further Zooming around I noticed a normal-sized person on the floor and realized that this guy was not only everywhere, he was HUGE.
Thankfully, JT teleported me where I'd meant to go all along: a shop called Bravo Bravo, where I got a mirror that, if you choose "Look" from its menu, makes it so you can see the world from the mirror's point of view. Kinda neat.
This is Johnthomas walking into the mirror's point of view (next to me). I have plenty of shots of JT's hand waving in front of the mirror (from offscreen), but this is the first one of Johnthomas on screen.
I asked JT if his lovely wife Amy would mind standing in front of the mirror so that I could see her from the mirror's perspective.
"If you know what I mean."


Anonymous said...

that's me standing behind

Anonymous said...

Ha ha a mirrors perspective lol
amy kotobide

Patrick said...

Lol, you lovebirds.