Monday, August 13, 2007

SL/Welfare Island

The long queues at Welfare Island
The lines were being supervised by a Frog whose title was "Anti-racist Soldier."
In the crowd was an ex-king.
A 30-year-old hippie.
A furry who couldn't follow directions.
A woman with no moles on her back.
The line stretched longer and longer.
One of the guys in back was an upside-down angel!
"I thought computers were supposed to speed up the world," I shouted.
The line kept getting longer and longer. "I thought computers were supposed to speed up the internet" I shouted.
Still nothing.
"Thank god for anti-idle hud" someone said.
"No cheating in welfare line!" I screamed.


Edlobo said...

Hey,Major Fussy ,

remember I told you I couldn't leave comments...
Well I switched internet-browser and it works now!! All praise Mozilla fire fox :)

Anyways I've been reading your Second life blog about once a week for quite some time now, and I really enjoy it. Great adventures and screenshots :)

Hope to see you on Nateos sometime again...


Patrick said...

Hey, Edlobo!
Good to hear from you and good to know you're out there somewhere.

I miss you and the gang!

Thank you very much, Ed. I hope all is doing wonderful for you.

Hail Mozilla!

maj. fussy