Thursday, August 02, 2007


The French lesbians decamped on the southwest corner, and now their once-off-limits property has a nice apartment tower resembling the Space Needle. I thought of Wrath Payne the moment I saw it, as he reportedly carries one in his Inventory. Interestingly, the land has music that is now-listenable, since I'm allowed on it, and I can hear (all I want) of what the lesbians used to listen to, since the land is still set to their stream. All French. Lots of accordians.

The new apartment looks down on the pool so that might be interesting.


Wrath said...

Oh great. The tags for this blog post are "French lesbians" and "Wrath Paine" - - as if those two items ever go together!! hahaha

Oh man, reading this post makes me think I need to rez my Space Needle from my inventory again and work on it some more. :-)

Patrick said...


Does yours have an elevator?