Saturday, August 18, 2007

SL/Milo update

Yetrates asked me why I was wearing a box and I told her it was because my inventory got lost. /
"Warddrobe malfunction."
I told her it was my idea to start with a box and see if I could shape it into a barrel over time. Milo, she told me, was done with SL--not a chance he would ever come back, because he was 'bored,' and had uninstalled it from his computer.
"A pity," I said. What Milo needed more than anything, I said, was a retirement party. "Maybe then he wouldn't have left."
"He is playing W.o.W. now" she informed me. (World of Warcraft.)
"Different world."
(She communicates with Milo via MSM.)
"At least his skills are being put to use there," I conceded. Now Milo could kill, finally.
(I hadn't done any killing since I joined Second Life.)
"Do you want to see my new Cyborg?" she asked me.
"Can I kill it?" I asked her.
She acted surprised. "Kill it?"
"Unplug it, temporarily."
Nevermind. I didn't want to go there with her.
"Let's go to Welfare Island," she suggested, "and see that line."
Back to Welfare Island we went...
The line was incredibly long tonight.
"Wearing that box you look right at home" she said. And it did feel like home. As a matter of fact, it felt like I was King of Welfare Island!
As king, it was my right--my duty--to go to the head of the line. I wanted behind the counter.
I knew it would take awhile to get behind the counter due the maze. What kind of place is this where you must walk through a maze to get behind the counter? It almost looked like a set up. There was little time to waste.
Yet...a delay!
A gentleman had chosen that moment to ask me a question, and not just any question, but a question that was over a minute in length due to him being a very slow typer. What choice did I have but to stand there and wait patiently for him to use the 'Enter' key?
I never got a chance to hear his question because I was ejected from the land!
Underwater, I told Yetrates to stay there, to plead my case to an administrator, or at least to the people. If necessary, I told her, I would grow a beard and try to return.

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