Sunday, August 05, 2007

SL/Birth of a Mullet

Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 5

Stalking out another twin.
[8:56] Soy: hello my brother
[8:56] Soy: i emerged out of the ferns to surprise you
[8:56] Aribella: wow you really are twins
[8:57] Soy: my long lost twin
[8:57] Soy: my long lost twin complete with chuck norris cape
[8:57] Brick: lol
[8:57] Soy: omg
[8:57] Soy: he is changing
[8:58] Soy: NOOO
[8:58] Soy: quit it, brother
[8:58] Brick: it's genetics soy, you're next in line
[8:58] Soy: lol
[8:58] Brick: hereditory
[8:58] Soy: he is stuck in the '80s
[8:58] Soy: my brother
[8:58] Soy: chuck norris cape, Mr T flag
[8:58] Soy: i hope he doesn't choose a mullet
[8:59] Aribella: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOo Mullets!
[8:59] Soy: the mullet might happen
[8:60] Soy: you may be witnessing the birth of a mullet
[9:03] Soy: lol omg
[9:03] Soy: mullet came into the world
[9:03] Soy: record the time: 9:03

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