Thursday, August 09, 2007

F*$@##d up Daydream

In the middle of town was a giant marijuana crop with its very own crop circle. It wasn't a 'true circle,' though, it was more like an arrow pointing West. Investigating Out West, at the border of the sim, I discovered several cattle mutilations, all forming runes. One rune denoted the date of August 6, 2007, the day that "Mad Cow" disease would re-surface in England. Another rune said cows will be seeking revenge against the aliens, sometime in 2008. Another rune said cows were sacred, as the Hindus believe, and to re-orient thy freezer accordingly.
The last one was a heavy blow, since my freezer is full.
The one I was most interested in, though, was the one spelled out by the mushrooms (on the ground): it predicted that online experiences would one day rival those of 'love, commitment, jealousy and hate' by triggering, in your central nervous system, the effects of THC. This would be followed immediately by the experience of 'hunger.' The evolution would continue: sleep would then follow.
I took several photos of these runes but none of them made it to my harddrive. Somewhere between 'clicking' and 'receiving,' the evidence was not there. Here is one that made it: a spectacular image of my thumb.
There are no pictures of the crop arrow, either, unfortunately/fortunately, as it was consumed by fire.

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