Sunday, August 05, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt.4


Soy: we are holding a raffle to see who will get to be the first person to go to the moon
Soy: or the nearest star
Zonji: i have a rocket
Zonji: il be the first
Soy: nice
Soy: you definitely will be,
Soy: illegally
Soy: you cannot go to the moon without sanction

Taveon, the Naked Angel
For no obvious reason, in the middle of a crowd, a naked angel appeared.

Brick Cioc: the winged naked man strikes again
Soy: why am i watching some naked angel
Soy: some naked male angel
Taveon shouts: Anybody have a job for a poor guy
Brick: yes Taveon
Crispy: What's the fun of being an angel if you don't even get the naughty bits?
Soy: i have a job that requires you to be a naked male angel wearing black wings
Soy: are you qualified?
Taveon: yes
Brick Cioc: yes
Soy: as an angel you must swear to never get a penis attachment
Crispy: That's sad.
Taveon shouts: any jobs for a naked dark angel
Soy: lol
Soy: by dark you mean tan, angel?
Taveon: no dark as in evil
Soy shouts: i have a job for you naked dark angel only if you grow a gut
Brick: and put some pants on dammit
Soy: you must have the perfect body but you also must have a gut
Soy: deal?
Taveon: k hold on
Brick: taveon you may have my underpants
Soy: lol
Brick: il give them to you
Aribella: you were going to give them to me Brick! I'm crush

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