Wednesday, October 31, 2007

SL/Consequences of Voice pt. 7


"Tonight I will be on mic so you can hear my new doorbell ringing."

"I will try not to sound two pounds heavier by tomorrow, but don't be surprised if I am."

"Tomorrow is NOT a day off work so if you hear me scream tonight, that's because of frustration--not because I'm scared."


"Tonight is 'All Saints Day-Eve' so we can prepare for tomorrow where we will find out via Wikipedia who is the saint responsible for curing our acne."

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 25/Where on the planet are you, time-wise?

(Florida to London)

Soy: I'm north of Thursday right now.

Soy: You say you are already in Thursday?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

SL/Turkey meet human

[17:00] Turkey: sir, you are stepping on my foot
[17:00] Fafiar Beck: sorry
[17:01] Turkey: it's ok, i have 3 more

SL/Halloween Party (turkeys invited)

The Mandarin Theater in all its Halloween glory.

This is DJ Kalia suspended inside a spider web on stage!

The strippers all strip, of course, but they start out with evening gowns and work their way down. It has a lot of class.

(BabyHoney, Elle, and Bongo deserve a lot of credit for the place.) As a turkey, I find the grounds very stimulating.

For instance, the road.

I want to cross the road!

For Halloween, the road is its own kind of horror. I check for cars. Nada. I check for people on bikes. Nothing. I check for people with big-ol' clumsy feet. Nope. Time to go...

I look both ways, then up and down, and finally, behind me: GO!

I ended up crossing the road backwards, but it was fun.
I'm out of breath. I want to do it again.
I've got to go to work in the morning!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'ma Cross-poster

I post semi-frequently to SLprofiles's blog, so to celebrate my 100th post there, I thought I'd give you a link to it, in case you didn't know about it.
The blogs on SLprofiles are slightly more adult in nature (that's the main difference). Other than that they're about the same, so ENJOY!

Note: if the link above doesn't take you to my blog index, just type in Search: "Patric" (without the quotes) and you can visit my Profile page and you can get to them that way.

Brain-controlled Interface for Second Life?

(The more my eyes widen in real life the faster you will undress in Second Life?)

(Some people will doubtless strap this device to their crotch and hope for the same effect.)

(Technology is getting too powerful for me to comprehend. Will lag double back and screw with our minds?)

(I believe in shortcuts. I believe my brain has too much motor control already. I say cut out the middleman.)

Friday, October 26, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 24/destiny


Zsigmond Alcott: im lonely
Seren Qinan: aawww
Seren Qinan: me too *sniff*
Soy Burger: if you are lonely meet in middle ferns for private hug
Stace Sautereau: do i have hair tonight?
moog Petrova: yep its all blonde stace
Scottish Alcott: yeah, you could call it hair
Soy Burger: do you need back hair? i got a folder of that
Stace Sautereau: phew... i finally forked out some lindens for hair... and from here it looks like i've had a fight with a combine harvester... and lost
Scottish Alcott: thats putting it mildly
Soy Burger: lol stace
Soy Burger: you are slowly becoming stacy
Soy Burger: i couldn't make up my mind of which hair i wanted so finally settled on afro
Zsigmond Alcott: im drinking as we speak
moog Petrova: lmao
Seren Qinan: me too!!
Soy Burger: i am picking a hair out of my food as we speak which is inspiration for my next hair color
moog Petrova: happy birthday, Seren, if i'd have known i woulda baked you a cake
Seren Qinan: awww cheers moog
Soy Burger: what are you gonna get me for my 2-month birthday party?
moog Petrova: a bun for yer burger?
Seren Qinan: lmao
Soy Burger: do i need more than 2?
Stace Sautereau: not in public
Stace Sautereau: yet
Soy Burger: i want to wear a total of 4 ass cheeks around on SL and slowly, ever so slowly, my look will become accepted
moog Petrova: follow your destiny....

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 23/Toe Talk

Soy Burger: someone with stiletto heels please walk on my back
Soy Burger: but you cannot be over 1 foot tall

Kianna Okelly: is there a way to stand on toes? lol
Soy Burger: there is barely a way to count toes
Kianna Okelly: LMAO Soy
Soy Burger: i deleted my calculator accidentally on my computer and had to use my guy's fingers (and toes) to figure how much money i could spend
Kianna Okelly: lol least they have an extra one
Soy Burger: you know this for a fact? we have 11 toes?
Soy Burger: dang
Soy Burger: that's cool
Glad Gaffer: Soy .. rough day huh?
Soy Burger: yeah, i did yawning animation about 20 times then finally this animation

Thursday, October 25, 2007

SL/Turkey Possession

Jen had the day off work, and so did I, so we hung out together.

There was some great erotic art on the wall. I asked if it were her. "Maybe," she said.

(It would be nice if every woman in SL owned a house, and in each house were pictures of them nude in real life. To get into this house, though, one would have to navigate a maze, a very difficult maze, representing the woman's real life [and second life] brain.)

Then, I tried to sit on a bench.
This is where it put me.

"Dang discrimination," I said.

I'd signed a petition to end bench discrimination a long time ago in hopes of allowing multi-prim objects like myself access to benches, and this is where it got me.


So I sat there, and sat there, and Jen said my shape shifted somehow--like an Indian rose out of me.

"An Indian? What have you been you smoking?"

"Your shape," she said. "You have an Indian now."

I was about to argue, when I recalled this happening at Elle's club a few nights ago. Elle had said a mysterious man popped out of me as I was squatting on her tip jar.

Hmmm. Was I possessed?

Jen gave me this photo as proof.

Dear god! "That's me?"


I couldn't believe it.
"Look," I said. "Here is a picture I took of myself earlier--I see nothing of an Indian. But in yours I can clearly see him!"

"Either that or my computer is too crappy to rez you right," she said.

"No, your computer saved me. It exposed this thing."


"Please don't call it a crappy computer, either," I said. "I love your computer."

"What are you going to do now?"

"I am going to the bathroom right now in RL. And when I get back I'm going to think of a plan."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SL/Happily inworld (w/ Garry)

happilyO met some nice people stuck on Orientation Island.

happilyO: do you remember the first words you typed?
happilyO: i typed Mama
Nyx Faulkes: lol, the first words I typed were "yes, I do". Mama is a good one
happilyO: your first word was "yes"
happilyO: you are a positive person
happilyO: all men who part their hair on the right, meet in this circle

Garry Reinard: too many twin brothers
happilyO: lol
Garry Reinard: I am new member
happilyO: Garry, hi
happilyO: do you go by Garry or Gary?
Garry Reinard: it's equal
Garry Reinard: where are we?
happilyO: i think somewhere
Garry Reinard: ?
Garry Reinard: i am a new member
happilyO: i know where we are
happilyO: here we are
Garry Reinard: what's this island?
happilyO: this is Orientation Island
happilyO: this is where you find out if you're gay or straight
[a twin shows up]
happilyO: say hello to a brother of yours
Garry Reinard: hello Gord
happilyO: since you are both from the same family i would advise you not be attracted to each other
happilyO: you are allowed to love him, but there are certain asterisks involved
Garry Reinard: I am not gay
happilyO: good, you know your Orientation
Garry Reinard: I am here because I start here
Garry Reinard: casually
Garry Reinard: thanks
happilyO: ok, since you are not gay you aren't allowed to get naked at certain places on this map
happilyO: ok?
Garry Reinard: ok!
Garry Reinard: good bye!
happilyO: wait
Garry Reinard: yes?
happilyO: you haven't toured the island yet
Garry Reinard: no
happilyO: you didn't see the volcano yet?
Garry Reinard: no
happilyO: follow me
happilyO: wait, do you know how to walk yet?
Garry Reinard: no thanks
Garry Reinard: You are very nice
happilyO: follow me...i'm not gay either
happilyO: if we get to the top and i try anything funny you can throw me into the volcano
Garry Reinard: but now i must leave you
happilyO: ok, Garry
happilyO: hurry back
Garry Reinard: ok
Garry Reinard: I am italian
happilyO: ok, cooool
Garry Reinard: now my time is 2.03 AM
happilyO: is Garry a common name in Italy?
Garry Reinard: no my name is Gaetano.
happilyO: nice to meet you, Gaetano
Garry Reinard: excuse me
Garry Reinard: happily
Garry Reinard: only one thing
happilyO: yes?
happilyO: jess?
Garry Reinard: what's a volcano?
happilyO: ever hear of Vesuvius?
Garry Reinard: yeah
happilyO: that's like what it is
Garry Reinard: but what's the carchteristic
Garry Reinard: of this
happilyO: well, we use it for human sacrifice
happilyO: you didn't know what kind of world you entered did you?
Garry Reinard: no
happilyO: well, we have human sacrifices here sometimes
Garry Reinard: ah ah funny
happilyO: if the stock market is good in real world, we celebrate in this world by sacrificing a virgin
Garry Reinard: and I am Santa Claus
happilyO: glad to meet you

SL/Turkey Talk leads to Spider Talk

(There was a mechanical spider near pool)

Angie returned to SL and saw that I am now a turkey, and this led to an involuntary stoner conversation (because she isn't a stoner).

Angie: Do you get stepped on often?
Turkey: mainly shoved
Angie: will you be sold for thanksgiving?
Turkey: i prefer to say bought
Angie: ha
Angie: ok
Angie: carved and cooked?
Turkey: cooked, then carved more than likely
Turkey: although, i've heard of some sick ones carving first
Angie: you should let me buy you since you know I won't eat you
Turkey: who would you pay?
Turkey: you are staring at the spider again
Angie: I hate spiders
Angie: with a passion
Turkey: what if they are safe?

Turkey: what kind of spiders do you hate?
Angie: all spiders

Turkey: all?
Angie: all, 100% of spiders
Turkey: even if some are friendly?
Angie: no such thing as a friendly spider
Turkey: there are over 1000 variety of spiders, surely there is one variety you will tolerate?
Angie: no
Angie: no spiders are ok
Angie: not one
Angie: if I see one I get all sweaty and
Angie: not good
Turkey: if a spider's venom were used to treat you for a rare disease, would you like that spider?
Angie: Hmm, I would like its venom
Angie: however, the weird body with 8 legs not so much
Turkey: what if it were to design you a web, a specialized one?
Turkey: with your name on it?
Angie: that would be one amazing spider/pig
Turkey: lol

Angie: do you like spiders?
Turkey: i've always frowned upon them
Turkey: until recently
Angie: and then?
Turkey: this one caught my eye
Angie: that one at least does not touch you
Turkey: Can you imagine the touch of one touching you?
Angie: no way
Turkey: i enjoy touching a woman exactly as a spider would
Angie: I used to sleep with a flash light to make sure none were on me at night
Turkey: lol
Turkey: for some reason i think they don't bother me when i sleep
Angie: don't you eat like 8 spiders a year?
Turkey: i once woke up with a strand of web over my eyes

Turkey: yes, i eat spiders, but i never inquire about the source
Turkey: i barely realize i'm eating a spider unless someone points it out
Angie: ugghh yeah I would FREAK out
Angie: I can't kill them either
Turkey: i would freak out if i ate something that had bigger eyes than mine
Angie: the crunch is worse than the spider
Turkey: true
Turkey: although i would hate to hear the crunch of a rib
Turkey: that's just me

Angie: so I put a cup over it and wait for someone to kill it
Turkey: lol
Angie: or spray it with hairspray till it dies
Turkey: that is a confusing way to go out
Angie: lol
Angie: yeah but it kills them eventually
Turkey: true
Turkey: as it does to us all
Turkey: stand underneath the spider, please
Turkey: i dare you

Angie: do you make the spider go up and down?
Turkey: no
Turkey: it has a mind of its own
Angie: it won't go down when I am standing here
Angie: ok I just jumped in real life
Angie: omg it looks like it crawled up me
Turkey: is the spider still on your screen?
Angie: yeah
Turkey: are you planning on hitting your screen?
Angie: no, but I jumped the first time it crawled by me
Angie: that is so gross
Turkey: that is a good start
Turkey: halloween is not far away

Turkey: if i get the chance, remind me on halloween if we see each other, I want to lean towards you and become a spider
Angie: ohh
Turkey: for shock value
Angie: if you were a spider
Angie: I WOULD step on you
Turkey: stomp on me
Turkey: you better stomp on me if you're gonna step on me, or else I'm coming after you again.

Monday, October 22, 2007

SL/Green Dots (click to enlarge)

Upon entering Hooters -N- Shooters I noticed (via my mini-map) that the event tonight was definitely "Billiards"-themed.

Friday, October 19, 2007

SL/Pool Dance

She was Milo's friend, and she was in our pool. She was trying out a new dance! Part of this dance was holding her nose while she shimmied down until her head was below the surface. I think it will be the next dance craze!


There was a singer named Pato Milo. I couldn't believe it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 22/random sights

The wound on his back was visible from across the patio.
Upon further inspection it was just a fresh tattoo.
Here is a woman jumping onto a man's back. The man had been bragging non-stop for hours. It finally got him to stop.
This gentleman was Editing his Appearance incautiously during severe lag so this is what happened to him.
A little feller showed up.
The little feller metamorphosed into a Ron Paul supporter.

It got the ball rolling. Here is another guy with a Ron Paul shirt.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

SL/Turkey meets Turkey

I got bored being an elephant, so I'm once again a turkey. The elephant encountered a lot of problems, especially when he asked to use the couch. As a turkey, I've taken a solemn oath to seek out public bathrooms whenever possible.
Someone arrived in the public sandbox where I staying, so I felt like playing Mr. Roarke.

Turkey: greetings, Aniikan
Aniikan Boyd: greetings
Turkey: behind you, you will find a helicopter
[Anniikan did a slow turn around]
Aniikan Boyd: who are you
Turkey: it is there if you need it
Turkey: i am a turkey
Aniikan Boyd: oh wow
Turkey: careful where you step
[someone else was with us too]
Null Vita: ah and i'm from turkey !
Turkey: lol
Null Vita: Well, its better to say Türkiye :)
Aniikan Boyd: lol turkey, better watch your back in november.
Turky: i'm all cocky until halloween is over
Null Vita: whats the thing about november :) ?
Turkey: post-halloween i go into hiding
Aniikan Boyd: thanksgiving dinner
Turkey: don't say the word Thanksgiving around me
Turkey: it is like a curse
Aniikan Boyd: fried turkey is one of the favorite dishes
Aniikan Boyd: haha
Turkey: frying, even better
Turkey: i hope you have a hard time plucking me
Aniikan Boyd: lol

Thursday, October 11, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 21/Gifts from Above

Soy didn't have a cock in his Inventory, so he accepted one from Cirillo. But it was a missile!

Soy: You gave me an object called 'nice cock' which i gladly accepted, and when i activated it, it's really a rocket about to blast me into space!
Cirillo Antwerp: :)
Cirillo Antwerp: never trust a swissy
moog Petrova: hahaha cirillo
Cirillo Antwerp: or else strangers
Soy: countdown
Cirillo Antwerp: 3
Cirillo Antwerp: 2
Cirillo Antwerp: 1
Soy: don't get me excited/
Soy: ever see that movie Speed?
Soy: don't get me too excited or i will blast off
Cirillo Antwerp: :)
Cirillo Antwerp: ready to take off?
Soy: don't tempt me
Soy: point me towards a neutral country
With that, Cirillo bumped into Soy, causing his rocket to VOOOOOOM! into space!
Soy shouted (upon return): HOLY CRAP THAT WAS GREAT. WHAT A RIDE.
Soy didn't get any good pictures, since it was a complete surprise. He asked Cirillo to do it again.
"So's I can get some pictures."
Then a newbie bumped into Soy, launching him accidentally.
Down he came again.
He wanted to launch again, but this time the conditions had to be right.
Soy: let me launch, but under the roof
Wags Dawg: tight
Soy: brookie, i'm about to launch
Soy: can you run into me?
Soy: hunter, how about you?
Soy: please bump into me so i launch
hunter Eales: what?
Soy: bump into my rocket please
Soy: it triggers a launch

Soy: HELP!!!

Cirillo Antwerp: you try to impress the womans with your new rocket soy?

Soy: i think they are properly impressed--they're scared to death


I'm on a mission to become a furry. I don't think I've had real fur yet, having been a human (skin), a turkey (feathers) and an elephant (scales?). Real fur has eluded me.

I don't want to be a dog, as I'm already one in real life.
I don't want to be a wolf, as they are better left unseen and overheard.
I don't want to be a cat, as they (sometimes) have a wagging tail that confounds me.
I don't want to be a skunk, even tho that stripe down their middle is far out.
I don't want to be a mouse, because I'm not sure what they have qualifies as "fur."
This picture that I found in Search under "fur" is not what I'm after, either:

Other choices...

I don't care to be a Care Bear.

This is more like fuzz.

Rind, ectoplasm, and some 'borrowed' skin...


Where is all the decent fur??

A possibility.