Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SL/Happily inworld (w/ Garry)

happilyO met some nice people stuck on Orientation Island.

happilyO: do you remember the first words you typed?
happilyO: i typed Mama
Nyx Faulkes: lol, the first words I typed were "yes, I do". Mama is a good one
happilyO: your first word was "yes"
happilyO: you are a positive person
happilyO: all men who part their hair on the right, meet in this circle

Garry Reinard: too many twin brothers
happilyO: lol
Garry Reinard: I am new member
happilyO: Garry, hi
happilyO: do you go by Garry or Gary?
Garry Reinard: it's equal
Garry Reinard: where are we?
happilyO: i think somewhere
Garry Reinard: ?
Garry Reinard: i am a new member
happilyO: i know where we are
happilyO: here we are
Garry Reinard: what's this island?
happilyO: this is Orientation Island
happilyO: this is where you find out if you're gay or straight
[a twin shows up]
happilyO: say hello to a brother of yours
Garry Reinard: hello Gord
happilyO: since you are both from the same family i would advise you not be attracted to each other
happilyO: you are allowed to love him, but there are certain asterisks involved
Garry Reinard: I am not gay
happilyO: good, you know your Orientation
Garry Reinard: I am here because I start here
Garry Reinard: casually
Garry Reinard: thanks
happilyO: ok, since you are not gay you aren't allowed to get naked at certain places on this map
happilyO: ok?
Garry Reinard: ok!
Garry Reinard: good bye!
happilyO: wait
Garry Reinard: yes?
happilyO: you haven't toured the island yet
Garry Reinard: no
happilyO: you didn't see the volcano yet?
Garry Reinard: no
happilyO: follow me
happilyO: wait, do you know how to walk yet?
Garry Reinard: no thanks
Garry Reinard: You are very nice
happilyO: follow me...i'm not gay either
happilyO: if we get to the top and i try anything funny you can throw me into the volcano
Garry Reinard: but now i must leave you
happilyO: ok, Garry
happilyO: hurry back
Garry Reinard: ok
Garry Reinard: I am italian
happilyO: ok, cooool
Garry Reinard: now my time is 2.03 AM
happilyO: is Garry a common name in Italy?
Garry Reinard: no my name is Gaetano.
happilyO: nice to meet you, Gaetano
Garry Reinard: excuse me
Garry Reinard: happily
Garry Reinard: only one thing
happilyO: yes?
happilyO: jess?
Garry Reinard: what's a volcano?
happilyO: ever hear of Vesuvius?
Garry Reinard: yeah
happilyO: that's like what it is
Garry Reinard: but what's the carchteristic
Garry Reinard: of this
happilyO: well, we use it for human sacrifice
happilyO: you didn't know what kind of world you entered did you?
Garry Reinard: no
happilyO: well, we have human sacrifices here sometimes
Garry Reinard: ah ah funny
happilyO: if the stock market is good in real world, we celebrate in this world by sacrificing a virgin
Garry Reinard: and I am Santa Claus
happilyO: glad to meet you

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