Friday, October 05, 2007

SL/At jazz club/Turkey Talk

I sat at a table to see how people would react to me.

Flirting continued unabated. My presence did nothing to alter the conversation.

SweetHoney: Where are you Patric?
Patric: look for the table

Patric: look for the platter on the table
Patric: now look for the turkey on the platter

Patric: if you are starving, don't talk to me

Sweethoney: Who are you?
Patric: i'm dressed as a halloween turkey
Patric: if you sit down and admire me, fine, but the minute you start to drool, i'm
Patric: if i see one plate or one fork, i'm gone
Patric: A spoon don't matter
Patric: the only way I survive groups is if everyone is full

Patric: please sit down
Patric: as a turkey i'm associated with people sitting

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