Monday, October 01, 2007

SL/Turkey Journey

At Freebie Planet

Before entering the store, per usual, I asked if they allowed turkeys in the place. I promised not to leave anything behind--not even a feather. In fact, I swore to only leave my money behind.
"It's Freebie Planet, birdbrain" someone shouted. "Come in anyway."
They had no compelling reason to let me in, but they did. I shall never forget their generosity, nor the noise their shoes made on the tiled floor. The first thing I did was walk around. I saw people of all ages, all nationalities.
Then I saw someone you definitely wouldn't want to see as a turkey, a Mohican.
But he was a vegetarian Mohican, as it turns out, so I didn't have to wet the floor.

Then I saw another thing you wouldn't want to see as a turkey: a cat. But this cat was inside an orb, so I felt somewhat safe. "A Pokemon," the cat explained. "Does that mean you abstain from eating meat?" I asked.
"Only red meat," she said.
Oh, the gulps turkeys can get away with having those ridiculous necks. My gulp must have lasted 30 seconds.
More bad news: I saw a vehicle on the loose. Vehicles were very upsetting to me and the cat.
We had that in common.

"HIGH TAIL IT" I screamed.


Anonymous said...

HA....for some reason this blog made me literally Laugh out loud!!!

Patrick said...

Hey, Angie, ty!