Sunday, September 30, 2007

SL/Story/part one/Possible Sploder Sighting

I wish I had gotten a picture of a Sploder before they all went away. Just one picture! Rumor has it there is a warehouse where the Sploders are being kept. For those of you who don't know, the Sploder was a ball typically found in a club that SPLODED with money in it. One lucky individual could win up to 80% of the take. Now that gambling is history, the Sploder is history too. The warehouse currently holds, like, 5,000 Sploders, I'm told. The fate of these Sploders is unknown. Will they be converted into Prize Orbs? Or will something more sinister happen?
A friend of mine flew over the (alleged) warehouse in a UFO last weekend. He didn't get any photographs, but he said the door opened long enough for him to see a Sploder inside.
I called several people in the area, but none reported seeing any Sploders. One person did say he heard, and I quote, "FEED THE SPLODER."
"He actually heard that?"
"Yes, he claimed it was more like a shout. And it wasn't really a request--it was an order."
I found some binoculars on sale at the Kenyan Safari Hut and went to find out for myself.
'FEED THE SPLODER' sounded like a war cry to me. The Sploders were known to browbeat people all over the world with the words, 'FEED THE SPLODER' back in the day. Now that they've been forced into silence, this could mean trouble.

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