Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SL/Milo's Back

Milo returned, saying he'd been spending time with a girl named Marica in real life (in Serbia). Marica and him are so smitten about each other that she apparently followed him into Second Life so she could spend more time with him.
"You are allowed 30 flings while in SL," I told them. "After that, you may get suspended."
Milo had a new tattoo that I couldn't decipher that looked like a spider. Turkeys are known to eat spiders so I told him that turkeys were inherently superior to spiders, even though spiders are known for their elaborate webs.
"Yet turkeys never are in tattoos," I dismayed.


Anonymous said...

Aww Tell Milo I said Hi! I will be online soon...RL Bday this weekend! :)

Patrick said...

Yeah, I tell Milo when I see him. Happy birthday, Angie!