Friday, September 21, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 17/Learning to fly

Gideon was learning to fly.
but he kept hitting his head on the ceiling.

Finally, he just remained on the ground, doing a flapping animation.


Ed said...

Hi M8!

How's C&C going, already started the Nod campaign?
You're right about me experimenting with lots of games, if the screens look ok and its my kind of gametype: fps,rts or racing I'll probably try it. And if I really enjoy a game like for instance BF42, I start exploring the possibilities; trying mods and making maps, etc.
BTW Have you tried updating your graphic drivers yet?


Patrick said...

Yeah, tried all campaigns, Ed, and C&C is really superb. Trying to update drivers now. It still has kinks...
It seems you get fully into the games, Ed, and then the creative side of you takes over, which is awesome.
Maybe you should be a game designer?

Patrick said...

Ok, tried updating video drivers, which seemed to knock out my audio drivers.
I had to do a Restore and re-install my audio drivers.

It's almost like Vista hates it when you tamper with it. It's like HAL 9000.

Ed said...

Man,Vista is buggy, I'll wait at least a year before switching os.
Same as XP, I didn't use it untill the first service pack was released.

I've been thinking about going into game design, got some great ideas for a game. Which I can't share here, they're so good they'd be stolen in a second :P

Your new transformation is awesome. That turkey is so precious, the screens of you in that little car are fantastic.
What kind of responses do you get, being part of the thanksgiving menu?

Patrick said...

People so far are a little annoyed at the turkey. They don't really see me, and I have to tell them to look down.
If they don't pay attention, that's when I start gobbling.
That's exciting that you want to get into game development. You seem like the type that would do awesome. Keep me posted.