Monday, September 24, 2007

SL/More trials of the turkey

My turkey is less than one foot tall, which makes him vulnerable to being overlooked.

Yetrates didn't recognize me even though were were on the same roof.
I used the trampoline to show her it was possible for me to fly.

Yetrates said she had
a turkey car in her Inventory, and believe it or not she did! I rode around in it, but it was remote controlled. Yetrates nearly flipped me over! This is me facing straight up.
"If it rains, I'm dead."
The car disappeared. She saw me admiring her Lamborghini.

Yetrates Bates: dont poo on the lamboo ok

Patric: i try not to

Yetrates Bates: ok

Yetrates Bates: cuz when you do

Yetrates Bates: you need to clean it

Patric: I hire a human for that

Yetrates Bates: lol

Yetrates Bates: turkey hires human

Patric: to feed me as well as take care of my doo

Patric: In return, you get to eat me

Yetrates Bates: hahah

Yetrates Bates: i fry you up

Patric: don't eat me unless you can prove you are an excellent chef

Yetrates Bates: i am

Yetrates Bates: i have some hamburgers on the roof

Patric: yeah, true

Patric: you seasoned them just right

Patric: go ahead, you can fry me

Yetrates Bates: darn running out of weed sucks as hell

Patric: i wish i could pass you some

Patric: someday they will have the technology for that

Yetrates Bates: some U.S. weed

Yetrates Bates: lol

Patric: yeah, you will be able to partake of some U.S. weed...and me some Dutch weed

Patric: i can even sample some Turkish hash
Yetrates Bates: lol turkey

Patric: you can blindfold me and stick a tube in my mouth and i can tell you what nation is responsible for what weed

Yetrates Bates: hahaha lol

Yetrates Bates: you go Turkey

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