Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Elvis Builds his Dream House

A Graceland visit with Elvis as my tour guide!!
After a trip through the estate, Elvis has another place up his sleeve.
"Come with me to Tupelo"
Sure enough, as I rounded the privacy wall, Elvis's boyhood trailer stood
out like a non-sore thumb.
The rooms inside were carefully cordoned off with rope.
"Will the security alarm go off if I try to grab something out of the fridge?" I asked.
Elvis was mellow. He was content to swing on the porch, after all. This was his boyhood home.
I couldn't help but think of Elvis's Graceland estate, mere steps away. I couldn't help but think Elvis was much happier here. In Tupelo. This is the place where he did most of his dreaming.

I have a picture, which I cherish, of Elvis adding pickets to a fence.
The King building his castle.
This is a pic of me being contemplated by Elvis on the wrong side of his privacy rope.
Here is a familiar sequined arm reaching up, not to point at something while singing, but to position something while building.
This is an actual rare photo of Elvis building his kitchen, modeled on the (rarer still) inside pic.

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