Saturday, September 08, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 14/Frozen Fracas

greedy was offering ways of making money by wearing an ornamental advertising orb over your head, up to 80L$ a day.

Soy didn't think it would fly.

"You do all that work on your hair and you're expected to have an orb hovering over your head? I don't think so."

greedy: "it works."

But there are apparently other ways to make money.

Monty: I just got given 150
Monty: for looking at a mans penis
Soy: lol
Soy: can i quote you?
Monty: I am still scared
Soy: was it worth it, monty?
Monty: yes
Monty: its was a tiny cock

Meanwhile, Monty claimed greedy's ball was a bunch of bunk, and they traded insults, first lightly, then more heavily. Here is a snapshot of some of the dialog:

[20:44] Monty: who wants a go on Greedy's Orb
[20:44] Monty: hands up

[20:45] greedy: who wants to hear monys fag mouth
[20:45] greedy: hands up

greedy: make me wease
Monty: fuck you

...tiny brain loser
...ooohhh you so scary are so ugly real afraid of you mammas boy
...shove your orb
...and fuck off someplace eles
...we dont want it
...good now i don't have to listen to his mouth are an ass
...yeah please
...on many levels
...and dont ever come back
...ass hole

Each one, head down, furiously typing. Here is a snapshot of it.

Then 30 seconds later, neither had come up for air. Both were still in the act of typing...just not saying anything. Soy figured there had to be some epic insults being typed, yet not expressed.

This pic was taken after 2 minutes, both of them still incommunicado--yet still typing.

After five minutes it dawned on Soy that they were both frozen from lag, and somehow made to look like they were still typing!

After 20 minutes, they were in the exact same position. Quarrelling still. Frozen in time. All around them people moved about freely, in peace, in happiness, yet over in their corner, a mere glance away, both Monty and greedy remained squared off, in ridiculous fashion.

At the 25-minute mark, greedy came alive again, but behind him Monty was frozen still--and still challenging him. Soy hoped greedy would turn around at this point and see the folly in all the fighting.

But before that could happen, a stranger bumped into greedy and he was accidentally escorted about 10 meters yonder.

Soy lost track of him.

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