Thursday, October 11, 2007

SL/Dot Matrix

I am a follower of the green dots. Green dots represent people in Second Life when you use the map. I use the map to find nearby green dots a lot. I can never remember where the gay club is in my neighborhood, but there is one, and occasionally I click on green dots and teleport there, accidentally. Not intentionally, mind you: accidentally. I've also learned not to panic as I've done in the past and cause a disturbance. I just get out of the club as quickly as possible, green dots or not. All green dots look alike in Second Life. There are no shiny ones.
There are no dull ones either.
So, if you see a green dot on a map, it could mean a gay guy, a straight girl, a furry, a straight guy, or a gay furry. Or any combination. All green dots are considered equal.

With that in mind...

This is me (accidentally) in the gay club last night, as an elephant, trying to leave without causing a ruckus. Before leaving, I thought I'd make a quick splash in the hot tub, to show my solidarity. Which turned out to be a mistake, because I was joined by two fellows, who asked me all kinds of questions, and I was basically all wrinkly by the time I left, including my trunk.


Ed said...

So you got tired of the turkey? :)
lol @ the wrinkly trunk.

Btw trunk is a strange word, I mean it can be a sorts of things.....
tree - trunk
car -
an elephants nose....
and if you had to much to trink you get trunk, hehe

Anonymous said...

you made me spit dr. pepper all over my keyboard..bad bad elephant!!

Patrick said...

Ed, you're right. Trunks is a word for swimming shorts too.

Elusyve, I whacked him in ass w/ keyboard for you.

esteban said...

lol funnt little elephant