Thursday, October 04, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 19/'I see playing dead people'

Soy used his 'sleep' animation in the middle of the Welcome Area, which led to all kinds of nonsense.

Including speculation that he was dead.

Nightscroft Whiteberry: who killed burger?
Soy Burger: flip me over
Yessenia Tomorrow: lol

Yessenia joined Soy on the ground after using a 'gunshot' animation on herself. Soy said they would make a great bonfire team, so nice was her collapse onto him. "We can get others to collapse on us too."

"To build a bonfire," said Soy.
"Ten feet tall."
"Made of human beings."
"Yes, right."
"No, left."
"We need some people to fall on the left."
"So it builds evenly."
"So you understand?"
"We are going to sprout angel wings any second."
" "
Little by little, more people joined them. Talk turned to how to make the pile more comfortable.

Soy Burger: what a mess
Marcuss Cortes: we need blood
West Darkstone: and more bodies
Soy Burger: we need pillows
West Darkstone: lol

Yessenia Tomorrow: look at my ass in the air
Soy Burger: next lucky person gets to lie on your ass
Marcuss Cortes: lol
Yessenia Tomorrow: yaaaay
Soy Burger: can we get a furry?
Soy Burger: a furry on top of us would be more comfortable
Soy Burger: we may need one on bottom too
Yessenia Tomorrow: yeah im cold
Nightscroft was standing nearby.

Soy Burger: we need someone else to fall over dead on us
Soy Burger: Nightscroft, do us a favor and die
Nightscroft Whiteberry: wish i could mate ain't got the script
Soy Burger: someone shoot him please
More ways were devised to get the pile bigger.

Soy Burger: see if you can trip someone to join us
Marky played a mean guitar.

Soy Burger: Marky, please collapse on top
Soy Burger: you are a rock star, you can do it

Patzun beamed in on top of all the bodies.

Marky Express: we are dead
Patzun Flute: hehe, sorry
Soy Burger: he might think he's responsible
Patzun Flute: no no
West Darkstone: Total lack of respect, people barging into us
john22 Dawg: whats with the dead people?
Marky Express: lol
Soy Burger: navigate around us

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