Sunday, October 14, 2007

SL/Turkey meets Turkey

I got bored being an elephant, so I'm once again a turkey. The elephant encountered a lot of problems, especially when he asked to use the couch. As a turkey, I've taken a solemn oath to seek out public bathrooms whenever possible.
Someone arrived in the public sandbox where I staying, so I felt like playing Mr. Roarke.

Turkey: greetings, Aniikan
Aniikan Boyd: greetings
Turkey: behind you, you will find a helicopter
[Anniikan did a slow turn around]
Aniikan Boyd: who are you
Turkey: it is there if you need it
Turkey: i am a turkey
Aniikan Boyd: oh wow
Turkey: careful where you step
[someone else was with us too]
Null Vita: ah and i'm from turkey !
Turkey: lol
Null Vita: Well, its better to say Türkiye :)
Aniikan Boyd: lol turkey, better watch your back in november.
Turky: i'm all cocky until halloween is over
Null Vita: whats the thing about november :) ?
Turkey: post-halloween i go into hiding
Aniikan Boyd: thanksgiving dinner
Turkey: don't say the word Thanksgiving around me
Turkey: it is like a curse
Aniikan Boyd: fried turkey is one of the favorite dishes
Aniikan Boyd: haha
Turkey: frying, even better
Turkey: i hope you have a hard time plucking me
Aniikan Boyd: lol

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