Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SL/Turkey Talk leads to Spider Talk

(There was a mechanical spider near pool)

Angie returned to SL and saw that I am now a turkey, and this led to an involuntary stoner conversation (because she isn't a stoner).

Angie: Do you get stepped on often?
Turkey: mainly shoved
Angie: will you be sold for thanksgiving?
Turkey: i prefer to say bought
Angie: ha
Angie: ok
Angie: carved and cooked?
Turkey: cooked, then carved more than likely
Turkey: although, i've heard of some sick ones carving first
Angie: you should let me buy you since you know I won't eat you
Turkey: who would you pay?
Turkey: you are staring at the spider again
Angie: I hate spiders
Angie: with a passion
Turkey: what if they are safe?

Turkey: what kind of spiders do you hate?
Angie: all spiders

Turkey: all?
Angie: all, 100% of spiders
Turkey: even if some are friendly?
Angie: no such thing as a friendly spider
Turkey: there are over 1000 variety of spiders, surely there is one variety you will tolerate?
Angie: no
Angie: no spiders are ok
Angie: not one
Angie: if I see one I get all sweaty and
Angie: not good
Turkey: if a spider's venom were used to treat you for a rare disease, would you like that spider?
Angie: Hmm, I would like its venom
Angie: however, the weird body with 8 legs not so much
Turkey: what if it were to design you a web, a specialized one?
Turkey: with your name on it?
Angie: that would be one amazing spider/pig
Turkey: lol

Angie: do you like spiders?
Turkey: i've always frowned upon them
Turkey: until recently
Angie: and then?
Turkey: this one caught my eye
Angie: that one at least does not touch you
Turkey: Can you imagine the touch of one touching you?
Angie: no way
Turkey: i enjoy touching a woman exactly as a spider would
Angie: I used to sleep with a flash light to make sure none were on me at night
Turkey: lol
Turkey: for some reason i think they don't bother me when i sleep
Angie: don't you eat like 8 spiders a year?
Turkey: i once woke up with a strand of web over my eyes

Turkey: yes, i eat spiders, but i never inquire about the source
Turkey: i barely realize i'm eating a spider unless someone points it out
Angie: ugghh yeah I would FREAK out
Angie: I can't kill them either
Turkey: i would freak out if i ate something that had bigger eyes than mine
Angie: the crunch is worse than the spider
Turkey: true
Turkey: although i would hate to hear the crunch of a rib
Turkey: that's just me

Angie: so I put a cup over it and wait for someone to kill it
Turkey: lol
Angie: or spray it with hairspray till it dies
Turkey: that is a confusing way to go out
Angie: lol
Angie: yeah but it kills them eventually
Turkey: true
Turkey: as it does to us all
Turkey: stand underneath the spider, please
Turkey: i dare you

Angie: do you make the spider go up and down?
Turkey: no
Turkey: it has a mind of its own
Angie: it won't go down when I am standing here
Angie: ok I just jumped in real life
Angie: omg it looks like it crawled up me
Turkey: is the spider still on your screen?
Angie: yeah
Turkey: are you planning on hitting your screen?
Angie: no, but I jumped the first time it crawled by me
Angie: that is so gross
Turkey: that is a good start
Turkey: halloween is not far away

Turkey: if i get the chance, remind me on halloween if we see each other, I want to lean towards you and become a spider
Angie: ohh
Turkey: for shock value
Angie: if you were a spider
Angie: I WOULD step on you
Turkey: stomp on me
Turkey: you better stomp on me if you're gonna step on me, or else I'm coming after you again.

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