Thursday, October 11, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 21/Gifts from Above

Soy didn't have a cock in his Inventory, so he accepted one from Cirillo. But it was a missile!

Soy: You gave me an object called 'nice cock' which i gladly accepted, and when i activated it, it's really a rocket about to blast me into space!
Cirillo Antwerp: :)
Cirillo Antwerp: never trust a swissy
moog Petrova: hahaha cirillo
Cirillo Antwerp: or else strangers
Soy: countdown
Cirillo Antwerp: 3
Cirillo Antwerp: 2
Cirillo Antwerp: 1
Soy: don't get me excited/
Soy: ever see that movie Speed?
Soy: don't get me too excited or i will blast off
Cirillo Antwerp: :)
Cirillo Antwerp: ready to take off?
Soy: don't tempt me
Soy: point me towards a neutral country
With that, Cirillo bumped into Soy, causing his rocket to VOOOOOOM! into space!
Soy shouted (upon return): HOLY CRAP THAT WAS GREAT. WHAT A RIDE.
Soy didn't get any good pictures, since it was a complete surprise. He asked Cirillo to do it again.
"So's I can get some pictures."
Then a newbie bumped into Soy, launching him accidentally.
Down he came again.
He wanted to launch again, but this time the conditions had to be right.
Soy: let me launch, but under the roof
Wags Dawg: tight
Soy: brookie, i'm about to launch
Soy: can you run into me?
Soy: hunter, how about you?
Soy: please bump into me so i launch
hunter Eales: what?
Soy: bump into my rocket please
Soy: it triggers a launch

Soy: HELP!!!

Cirillo Antwerp: you try to impress the womans with your new rocket soy?

Soy: i think they are properly impressed--they're scared to death

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