Friday, October 26, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 23/Toe Talk

Soy Burger: someone with stiletto heels please walk on my back
Soy Burger: but you cannot be over 1 foot tall

Kianna Okelly: is there a way to stand on toes? lol
Soy Burger: there is barely a way to count toes
Kianna Okelly: LMAO Soy
Soy Burger: i deleted my calculator accidentally on my computer and had to use my guy's fingers (and toes) to figure how much money i could spend
Kianna Okelly: lol least they have an extra one
Soy Burger: you know this for a fact? we have 11 toes?
Soy Burger: dang
Soy Burger: that's cool
Glad Gaffer: Soy .. rough day huh?
Soy Burger: yeah, i did yawning animation about 20 times then finally this animation

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