Friday, October 26, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 24/destiny


Zsigmond Alcott: im lonely
Seren Qinan: aawww
Seren Qinan: me too *sniff*
Soy Burger: if you are lonely meet in middle ferns for private hug
Stace Sautereau: do i have hair tonight?
moog Petrova: yep its all blonde stace
Scottish Alcott: yeah, you could call it hair
Soy Burger: do you need back hair? i got a folder of that
Stace Sautereau: phew... i finally forked out some lindens for hair... and from here it looks like i've had a fight with a combine harvester... and lost
Scottish Alcott: thats putting it mildly
Soy Burger: lol stace
Soy Burger: you are slowly becoming stacy
Soy Burger: i couldn't make up my mind of which hair i wanted so finally settled on afro
Zsigmond Alcott: im drinking as we speak
moog Petrova: lmao
Seren Qinan: me too!!
Soy Burger: i am picking a hair out of my food as we speak which is inspiration for my next hair color
moog Petrova: happy birthday, Seren, if i'd have known i woulda baked you a cake
Seren Qinan: awww cheers moog
Soy Burger: what are you gonna get me for my 2-month birthday party?
moog Petrova: a bun for yer burger?
Seren Qinan: lmao
Soy Burger: do i need more than 2?
Stace Sautereau: not in public
Stace Sautereau: yet
Soy Burger: i want to wear a total of 4 ass cheeks around on SL and slowly, ever so slowly, my look will become accepted
moog Petrova: follow your destiny....

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