Saturday, August 11, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt.6/sun/spots

Soy met AIste.

"I see a leopard unless...those are mini tattoos."

She changes completely out of her spots.

[19:54] Soy: in the darkness we have the best conversations
[19:54] Soy: i've been here 14 days
[19:54] Soy: in this camp
[19:54] AIste: hehe
[19:54] Arkangel: i was wondering why it's dark
[19:54] Arkangel: somebody turn on some damn torches, looks like survivor in here
[19:55] Soy: i've been here 14 days and almost didn't make it to 14 due to some wolves howling last night
[19:55] AIste: click on the World tab and then Force sun to Noon
[19:55] Soy: forcing the Sun to rise is godlike
[19:56] AIste: yes but easy to do if you want the sun to be in another place
[19:56] Soy: i want the sun to be facing the other direction

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