Sunday, August 12, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt.7/robot closecall

Near the Welcome Area was a giant robot.
Soy tried to warn the villagers. He shouted: "someone let loose a robot. If that's your robot on the loose, please claim it"
The robot ducked behind a tree.
Soy shouted: "that robot is trying to hide in the foliage"
Then he shouted: "we have a robot on the loose, Sector D"
He shouted: "the robot's movements are being hamstrung by lag"
Atharva Rossini: "Where dat robot"

Atharva Rossini: "looked mighty big to mee"

Soy shouted: "Sector D"

Atharva Rossini: "are we safe in here?"

Soy shouted: "yes, by 2 feet"

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