Friday, August 24, 2007

Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 13/Total Babylon

Lapsing into Babylonese

Soy met a German wearing the same necklace which somehow sparked Babylonese.

Jan: can i help you...
Soy: sorry, just looking at your necklace
Soy: i collect those
Jan: ist a same to your
Soy: yes
Jan: you obtain a VIENA Freebes
Soy: non
Jan: you Know?
Soy: que?
Jan: i donunderstand to many spanisch
Soy: was?
Jan: ok ja
Soy: negative
Soy: yo
Soy: wassup?
Jan: ich verstehe dich nicht
Soy: wassup?
Jan: go way plase

Later Soy met Aribella and asked her to listen to some sounds from his Inventory. She declined.
Aribella: I can't soy
Soy: why can't?
Aribella: because I'm so cold I need the heater on...and I have to have the door open for that, and it's early Saturday morning...
Aribella : ok, that was kinda long-winded
Soy: what??

Soy had to admit, he'd heard a lot of excuses as to why women had their speakers off, but that was the first time he'd heard of speakers off due to heaters in the cold, especially since it was summer.

Soy: it's summer
Aribella Lafleur: it's winter
Soy: no, it's summer

It was (finally) established that in her part of the world it was winter, while in Soy's it was summer.

As a stoner, Soy couldn't resist a proposition:

"I want to get high where I'm currently at in summer, if you'll join me by getting drunk where you are at in winter."

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