Wednesday, August 22, 2007

SL/Welcome, Assed

I've seen many interesting interviews with new residents, so I wanted to give it a try with this conversation with Assed McBride

Patric: how are you, Assed?
Assed McBride: hi
Assed McBride: i arrive today
Assed McBride: im brazilian
Patric: i like your name
Assed McBride: where are you?
Patric: by the big door to the club
Assed McBride: do you have a pot?
Assed McBride: i dont understand
Assed McBride: my english its not so good
Patric: your english is very good
Assed McBride: how can i get some money?
Patric: you can make money here on Hippie Island, but i don't know how
Patric: thank you for asking, though
Assed McBride: okey
Assed McBride: are you smoking hemp?
Patric: hemp family
Assed McBride: yeapp
Assed McBride: i like that
Patric: do you smoke?
Assed McBride: here in brazil its legalized practilly
Assed McBride: i smoke today
Assed McBride: some ours ago
Patric: is that why you chose blond hair?
Assed McBride: i dont now
Assed McBride: know
Assed McBride: i put enyone
Assed McBride: no pcience
Patric: no science?
Patric: i see
Assed McBride: pacience to choose and choose
Patric: just pick and go
Patric: pick and go, me too, basically
Patric: i got dressed over time
Assed McBride: hoho
Patric: i went nude for like 3 or 4 weeks
Assed McBride: im going
Assed McBride: see you
Assed McBride: nice to meet you
Patric: then slowly added clothes
Patric: nice meeting u too
Assed McBride: i will practice this
Patric: have fun
Assed McBride: thanks
Assed McBride: seya
Assed McBride: last one
Assed McBride: hehe
Assed McBride: how can i fuck here?
Assed McBride: having sex?
Assed McBride: its possible?
Patric: well, depending on your name
Patric: i have a feeling you will have sex many times
Assed McBride: okey
Assed McBride: thats good
Another Interview followed this one, minutes later. This one with 'Assasin' Decosta Slade, which you can read here.


Edlobo said...

Hi M8, just read the assasin story on your other blog.
The other (2004) posts contain some very interesting thoughts.

Do you remember the map I made for Nateos? It's on rotation now on an other server; Freaky Soldiers Public.
we've played it yesterday night with 8 players.
I'm planning to play it again in the near future. I would be honoured if you would make a surprise guest appearance..

Patrick said...

I remember the map, Edlobo, and I think it would be cool to play it, and I'm honored you would invite me!
I'm going to plan for this Sunday...

Edlobo said...

Excellent, I'll see you Sunday!!

Patrick said...

Well, Ed, I tried playing BF42 on my new Vista computer and it is not working right. I can't enable Punkbuster, which is a requirement for Freaky Soldiers.
I looked on Nateos to see if anyone has had any problems, but I didn't see a single thread on Vista. (!)
I tried logging into Nateos and it showed my profile gone--again. :(
I think the Vista gods don't want me to play that game anymore!!!

Edlobo said...

I remember GWB also having problems playing BF with vista, updating to the latest drivers worked for him.

But you haven't missed a thing, we couldn't get the map running last night. The server kept giving us a "data differs from server" error. God knows why, never had this kind of problem before.

The Nateos board is very buggy lately my account has been deleted twice in the last couple of weeks. And it's offline since this weekend.

So you got a new system right?
Are planning on playing any other online games,or are you just going to enjoy the new graphics in SL?

Patrick said...

I got a new system that I love very much, and I will continue to be on Second Life for the foreseeable future, Ed, but also on other games more than likely. Dunno. Command and Conquer'S new game is out and I LOVE IT and have been playing it for the last week or so...
What about you?

Edlobo said...

Always nice to have a new comp, what kind of system is it?

I've just finished the alien campaign in C&C 3, it's a very good game. Good story ,nice movies between each mission,takes me back to the good old days of C&C. I used to play quite alot of Red Alert, and even made some custom maps for Red Alert 2 both multi- and single- player. This game got that "real C&C" feeling if you know what I mean.

I'm currently playing a lot of Medieval Total War II , there's a new add-on called "Kingdoms" . I don't know if you're familiar with the game but it's a turn based strategy game set in the years 1080-1530 with real-time battles, where you control huge armies, sometimes over a thousand soldiers. Right now I'm playing the Britain Campaign with Ireland fighting against the British Empire.

PS. The "data differs from server" error seems to be fixed on the Freaky Soldiers Server, but I haven't got anything planned right now......

Patrick said...

I couldn't believe how great this installment was. It is undoubtedly the most graphically-intense version I've played on--and I haven't even started the Nod campaign! I doubt my old computer could have handled it.
But anyway, you said GWB had the same problems with Vista? That is interesting. I will have to update my drivers, then, and see if that works. I will let you know!
It sounds like you experiment with a lot of games, Ed. I'm so involved in Second Life that I've lost all track of games in general. But I couldn't resist the title of C&C when I saw it; in fact, I couldn't believe my eyes!
I'm not familiar with Medieval Wars, but it does sound interesting. I used to play a similar-sounding game: Age of Empires.