Friday, August 17, 2007

SL/Bull s--t

I was given a tough-looking bull to ride on a dance floor and it sparked some interesting conversation once the bull and I got to know each other.

"My bull likes to eat grass but doesn't like to get caught eating it."
"he is a grass eater"
"deep down"

Some human announced she was a grass smoker. I told her my bull would like to get introduced to the crispier side of grass. I told her I had a billygoat once that had been trained only to eat stems and seeds.
"My bull wants to know where the fire exit is in case he wants to stampede."
My bull was skittish:
"Some girl got a little too close with a hot iron last week" I explained
"he hasn't been the same since"
Isis: "Oh poor bull"
"If you are wearing red it's your own damn fault."
"My bull told me he has one sound he hates more than all"
"sizzling sound"
Then came the implications of tattoos.

"my bull is not thrilled that you humans like tattoos so much"

[10:15] Isis Humphreys: why pat?
[10:15] Isis Humphreys: why doesn´t it like tattoos?
[10:15] Patric: to them it's just a 2 hour branding

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