Saturday, August 18, 2007

SL/Encounters in Welcome Area pt. 11/adding another Twin to the mix

Fog Tenk a had "I HATE LAG" title over his head, yet Soy saw him march into the ground and resurface ten seconds later, doing a perfect "lag walk" (by anyone's standards) in spite of his title.

After complimenting him on his lag, Soy invited Fog to sit down for awhile to reduce it.

"Sometimes a lack of movement is just what the doctor ordered."

Meanwhile, twin Wilson was chanting on and on beside them, copying-and-pasting from whatever website he found interesting. Then a third twin showed up, whose name did not get written down--unfortunately--and doing what they all do at first (and forevermore) which is mess with their hair.
He messed with it so much you can see in this photograph that it completely got removed from his scalp.

He is lucky, because here is a pic of it firmly back in place.
Maybe he didn't want to mess with it anymore, because here he is with most of it shorn off.

"Shame on you for shorning," Soy told him.

It went beyond shorning, though.
Could it be??

"OMg is that a baldspot," Soy wrote, forgetting all exclamation marks.

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