Thursday, January 18, 2007

Second Life/Photo Shoot

In the safari-themed room of an escort I hired for 30 minutes.

Looking for cameras.

She is gorgeous.

A Pamela Anderson connection?

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Yes, strip.

I ask her if it's ok for her to be photographed. (She might be under contract.)

No problem, she says.
Then let's start with the shoes.

Now your stockings.

Explain, please, that star I didn't see before.

Turn around.

Show me your muscles.

Oh my.

There are two sets of eyes staring at me.

Which ones do I acknowledge?
Those I think.

Now comes the moment of truth...

The real star will shine...

In other news...

The U.S. said today that talks with North Korean deputy leader Kim Yom Nam...
Back at the ranch.

She told me she would do something to get in the mood.

To me, it looks like she is freezing.

There is the giraffe again.

It is an omen.

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kole said...

Hahahahahah,U Are A Real Pimp Daddy!