Saturday, January 20, 2007

Second Life/L Word World

It was strange seeing the militia show up in the The L Word (Showtime) area.

The dude almost hit an angel!

Is it any wonder some women prefer the company of women?

The tank shortly before it disintegrated.

Standing in front of The L Word Club...a club I'm not sure I'm permitted entry.

I spend time outside with a girl.

Talking with someone named Boz. Boz said this house belongs to his real life neighbor and he uses it as a crashpad whenever he's in SL.
Nearby is a gigantic cube covered with a galaxy of stars and inside is a discotheque. The cube can be transported from place to place. It is a mobile disco, if you like. "If you hire the DJ he brings the disco."
This is a house I floated over to because it was releasing hearts into the atmosphere.

I asked aloud who was responsible, and someone inside yelled he was pumping out all the hearts.

He said he was showing the world his love for his sweetheart.

I imagine Valentine's Day will be something else in SL.

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