Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Second Life/Picture-rama

I barely got any sleep last night so I think I'll make it short on descriptions today and long on pictures.

Here is a (very) enchanted castle.

Chillin at the castle.

Back home at the swamp.
What's this? A new sign from LaeMi?


Investigating her swamp. Here's a new area:

A shopping cart at the very bottom?
(I think the swamp makes an ideal final resting place for a lost shopping cart. )

Near home there is a spooky-looking church.

Almost like the Bates' Motel.

I did something wrong and ended up underneath the church, not in the church.

You can see my head poking through the floor.

This hasn't happened in a while.

It wouldn't be a problem but the noise was overpowering. Choking noises...
Ghoulish noises...

Animal noises...
Unidentifiable noises...
I could operate the camera controls but not my body.

I couldn't escape the noises.


Kole said...

Wow,Patrick.Who Owns That Castle???.It Looks Very Cool.

P.S. I`m Going 2 Travel This Month A Little,I Was Thinking About Miami.Whats The Water Like These Days?

Patrick said...

Miami has as far as I know warmer than usual water these days. You want to visit Florida? That is a pretty good spot to visit.

The castle is owned by--I don't know!

kolw said...

I Like Florida,Never Been There,Tho.But I Have Some Friends And They Told Me Its Amazing!.Since U Live There,U Can Give Me A Few Tips.I`m Thinking About Egypt(Not Really Me,But My Friend Is,His Girlfriend Was There.....So,U Know The Rest).Plus,We Can Get Together 4 Couple A Beers,And Start Tellin` War Stories :).......

Patrick said...

Egypt sounds really cool. I would like to check out the pyramids.
Also, I'd like to check out Paris, especially after seeing this incredible panoramic shot:

kole said...

OMG,These Pics Are Amazing!.My Friend Has A House In Paris,But He Lives In My Town,He Called Me 3 Times 2 Go With Him,But Every Time I Was Busy :(.........I Have Been To:Greece 2 Times,Italy 2 Times,Croatia Many Times(Dubrovnik U Must See,Incredibile City).Chez Republic - Prag Is Great Town,Was There Once Also.

P.S. If U Ever Decide 2 Come 2 Montenegro.U Can Count On Me As Your Tourist Guide :)

Patrick said...

It sounds like you are well-traveled, very cosmopolitan. Yes, I was blown away too at the Paris panorama.
Thanks for the Montenegro invite!