Saturday, December 30, 2006

1st Life/Another sobering holiday weekend to deal with

There is a new mechanic at work named Walter who's an all-around decent guy. His mother is very near death. Today at work he was getting a lot of turmoil off his chest--impossibly hard-to-describe turmoil, which I'm sure is therapeutic. He lives with his best friend, a smart dog named Randy. He is very devoted to his dog, as well as his mother. Seeing his mother go out this way has to be the hardest experience of his life.

Another strong dog connection, this one. Another grieving situation. Another holiday weekend...

Another neighbor friend who needs strength.


kole said...

Patrick Hi,Haven`t See You In A While On Nateos??....I Miss Our Everynight Foolin` And Chatining.When Are U Going 2 Start Playin` Again?

Patrick said...

Yeah, need to log on and get back to basics. JIGGA time.