Thursday, December 14, 2006

Second Life/New Neighbors

I went to my beach property but my phone rang in rl so I sat on my rooftop to finish the conversation.

When I came to, I discovered the beach had grown quickly in the past twenty-four hours; new houses had sprung up overnight. Just yesterday the beach was completely empty (it was just me and the pool). Now it was a genuine 'thriving beach community.' I have neighbors left and right!

Time to show up with some housewarming gifts, I guess.
Except I have no housewarming gifts.
Someone should open up a business that sells housewarming gifts on SL.

My new neighbor Juko Tempel didn't take long to introduce herself. She was astonishingly beautiful and invited me over to her futuristic house. I was impressed with her furniture.

I told her it was very rude of me as a gentleman to sit down without her. I asked if I should stand up again so we could do it properly. She demurred. What a lady!

I told her I appreciated that her door made the same "shoooooop" sound as the one in Star Trek. No response. She changed outfits in front of me (sorry, no pictures) and we discussed the neighborhood pool. I told her I thought it was coming along beautifully. We chatted some more.

Finally she announced that she had to leave. I could find my own way out, I told her.

She told me to click on the door in order to shut it.

I told her I would.

Then I forgot to.

Then I had to go back to shut it.

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Kole said...

LOL.....Weird Looking House,But You Are A Tru` Gent! :)