Sunday, December 03, 2006

Second Life/Wine Cellar

The search feature was again off today (after continuing problems from Wednesday's upgrade) so I focused on building objects for my property.
Yesterday, I was given a folder by the Brazilian guy and it was filled with cool fire/flames, so I tapped into it to create a nice bonfire for my property. Ooh yes! Next thing I did was stack the fire with logs and circled it with rocks to make it seem more realistic. Niiiice.
Then I made a tee-pee nearby for people who want to have trysts. (Shizzle!)
Both the bonfire and the tee-pee overlook a spectacular view of the ocean. (A radiant moon is a frequent visitor.)
This adds up to a romantic evening.
My plan is to create a wine cellar so I can pompously open a trap-door in full view of me'Lady and walk down a few steps and emerge with a dust-covered wine bottle in my right hand and two intertwined wine glasses in my left.
I would then pop the cork (softly) and toast me'Lady (and my good fortune) and take one heavenly gulp, all the while looking into her inebriated eyes. Wine is meant to be drunk in the presence of a beautiful woman, I'd inform her, profoundly. Then I'd tell her that, although I don't like the taste of wine, I like going through the ritual of drinking it. So cheers!.

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