Thursday, December 07, 2006

Second Life

Today I went to work on making a

You never know what you might need a telescope for.
There could be a pool nearby...

Gosh, what a pool.
I felt like a tresspasser.
But gosh, what a pool.
I put a trampoline on my roof...

...overlooking the pool..


Kole said...

I Think You Need 2 Build Trampoline On Neighbors Pool And Hide It Somewhere Near.Cuz,When You Get Bored Swiming,You Can Jump Back 2 Your Roof

Patrick said...

Good idea, kole, but I can't keep my belongings on someone else's property very long (it gets returned to me after a bit).

I'll just have to wear my wings (yes I have some in my inventory, believe it or not :)).

Kole said...

You Are Like A Bird....These Are Nelly Furtado Words Not Mine.I Think You And Her Will Be A Nice Cuople....Flying And Doing Some Other Stuff