Sunday, December 10, 2006

Second Life

To get upstairs from downstairs I built a pole.
(A pole made of metal.)

Unfortunately the pole goes right through the bed. The bed cannot be moved because it was installed by the Brazilian.

It looks nice and would be perfectly functional if I could get my head up it.

*Thunk thunk*

(To the right is a Christmas tree donated by the Brazilian guy in my absence....What a swell guy.)

The frame around the picture blends in good with the decor.

(This is a shot from Battlefield 1942 and was taken by intrepid observer and reporter Ferencz Bathory)

There's a spot on wall where it fits in perfectly.

To get a closer look go to


Kole said...

Ciao Patrik,Now I Can Open Them........You Have A Very Nice House,And Very Nice Brazilian Buddy,LOL.I Think You Need A Two Yellow Stripes In Your Living Room,It Will Open The Wonderfull Looking Space Tv..Plus,You Have Very Nice T-Shirt,Is That The Patrik Ryan Spring Clothing Line?

Patrick said...

Thank you, the Brazilian guy is indeed nice....Erlon....Erlon Obviate I believe his name is.

The house is nice. I just bought a few more lots today so i can make a giant tube. That is in upcoming blog.

The tube will be a waterslide to beach. Or the tube will be a mind tunnel. It can be either of these things--your choice. Or this tube can be like traveling down a great car wash, with dangling strips of cloth lashing your body, and bubbles bursting in your face...
Wow, this universe is good indeed.